Return of Areashop (Maybe)

Hello everyone, today I got fed up with ARM not working (still) and decided to just yeet areashop back and hope for the best. Here are the results.

ARM was removed from the server and I did a couple hours of work and got areashop to work using a new fork of the plugin coded by some guy on discord.

This means any rent signs that were made with arm, will have to be remade in areashop. They will just simply not work. However after this is cleared with technicians, and made sure to be stable, people will be able to make/rent/sell regions again.


30d ← time
500f <---- price

[as] <— addsign

I would like to ask that people hold off on making regions until this is cleared by other admins/techs as a viable solution.

The other solution is we continue to wait for ARM to be fixed. Take your pick.