[Report] HelloMiners Conservation Department

I am reporting the HelloMiners Conservation Department for failing to compensate me for my work on the demo of Waterchase Isles located at -1750 -2430. I was hired by the department in late 2020 to work on the Waterchase Demo. All the other workers quit and I ended up having to demo a majority of the city which consisted of demoing houses, floating islands, and walls that went all the way to the ocean floor. I have asked different staff members since 2022 about my compensation but nothing has happened.
Here is what the city looked like before demoing:
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.29.16 AM
Here is proof that I was hired to demo Waterchase.

According to the pay scale which is published on the old Conservation Department which all non-staff was removed from when the department discords were added to the main discord server, I am owed 69,229.28 Forsals for my work. Here is the pay scale that I have saved on a word document from September 12, 2021.

Here are the zones that I completed adding up to 69,229.28

You can verify on the discord yourself.

Edit: Payment Received

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@MentalGamer pay up bruh


This doesnt look good.

Why this player hasnt been paid?


Hi PrinceAdam,

I do not know how this fell through the cracks. I have looked through the staff discords and have not found a single mention of this. There has been zero mention from you in any public chats about it. There are also no server logs of you mentioning it to any staffmember in DM in the past 12 months. Who did you reach out to? I am assuming it was through discord dms. Just want to see why nothing was brought up officially before now.

In the future, please do not hesitate to reach out to any admin to look into this. I don’t know how this happened but you have been compensated for your work.


Hey, so back when Cake and I were the city department leads, a staff member merged the city buyback program with the department and I ran it for a couple of years. We bought back a decent amount of cities and hired people to demolish them. The contract for Warerchase Isles we voted to give it to the conservation department to demolish. I just asumed they were going to do it, and forgot about it. You can find on the old city department discord that we voted to give the contract to the conservation department in the voting channel. Im not on the discord anymore after my ban but you can check it out.

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Thank you! Here is why it took this long.

I first brought this up to Satan in December of 2022 when I think he was head of the conservation department, but he couldn’t find the pay scales on the old conservation department discord, so he said he would ask Albinary, the former head, but he never responded. After, I asked Albinary myself, but he didn’t have any information since the old discord was closed to non admins. That same month, I asked Nicochulo to see if he could search for the pay scales but he said that he wasn’t on the conservation department discord. In August, I mentioned it to Ender on discord. Last month, Nicochulo was in game so I decided to bring it up again and he said he would look into it but then he didn’t respond. So, I made this public report.