[Report] 4K606

I would like to report actions made by 4k606, including fraudulent behaviour by this player to convince ender to restore a region using the same name and subsequently bowing to pressure. Here was the original problem. A region here called ‘poop’. This region had at the time recently been created, too closed to the main city region ‘stalingrad’.

I reported this region in red called poop that was created next to stalingrad (less than 200 blocks), which was subsequently removed). It was all checked out with admins. This picture is from that report:

These are the original coordinates and the time it was removed 10:47 on the 20 Feb 2023:

I believe the region was created mistakenly by the staff member who would have seen the city if they hadn’t had render distance so low, or flown over stalingrad-exp1, right next to it.

As you can see here, I had already created a new expansion for puertocancun here just 10 mins earlier before poop was removed. This was called 'pc_expansion_3:

As you know, whenever 4k606 comes on, he often goes looking for inactive regions near cities to buy up, despite rules stating they’re treated as new regions for buying if less than 200 blocks. He tries to convince staff otherwise and sometimes then tries to buy 200 blocks away. It’s in an attempt to stop cities developing, which he is now trying to do with Stalingrad in this instance.

So, fast forward until 13 March 2024, we find ANOTHER region created called poop. This time it’s 174 blocks from puerto cancun’s connecting region to reno (pc_expansion_3) and again we ask for it to be removed.

After speaking with nightemperor and then endershack and having to explain everything that had happened previously, it is finally removed 5 DAYS LATER.

I did notice a few days ago Ender hovering around these regions so I have to assume 4k606 had been pressuring him to restore the region.

Today I wake up to this message:

(I assume he’s now had free extra mats as the originals were returned to him from this region).

As you can see from the evidence above, it does NOT predate everything. Therefore 100k worth of another piece of expansion land has been removed just because 4k606 must be trying to convince ender the date of the first poop region is related to the second region and relying on bad memory and people not checking previous conversations. That’s the only conclusion I can think of. It’s underhanded and fraudulent and 4k606 knows what he is doing. The reason I believe this is poop was only created because he said he wanted to expand his base.

We believe he has also expanded his base northwards here (less than 200 blocks now from Stalingrad):

He has also recently been reported for abusing the minecart jobs affecting players for a whole day (which staff were too scared to do anything about).

This is a city server and players would like to develop their cities without too many eyesores near by like poop here:

As it took a number of days to get a helpme recently as some mods don’t play as much, I have had to post this here and I’m getting fed up of staff being too scared to do anything against 4k in case he moans. Anyone would think he’s Tedde. So stop this 1 rule for 4k and 1 rule for the rest of us. It was annoying in staff and it’s annoying as a city owner.

Remove this eyesore, put my city regions back. My money is currently stored in my company balance so I don’t lose it to shop sales. Please don’t do this again in a few months time, forgetting all of this again.

I come on HelloMiners to enjoy it and build stuff. I don’t come here to constantly face bad decisions that affect us customers. This has SEVERELY affected the development of the city, putting many plans into disarray.

TLDR Version

If you allow this, you set a precedent which is this:

  • If a plot is illegally regioned 63 blocks from a city and is removed, you can then illegally region a separate plot months later, which is then 174 blocks from another city owned by the same owner.

I did expect the region issue to be resolved much quicker than the report but I guess, the rules need debating somehow.

4k joking about original region:

Evidence showing original complaint about second region was regarding distance, not just trolling a region. Ender even agreed it sounded like a troll region.

joking about using the “OG region name” with satan:

conversation continues (showing that it served no purpose at the time of making it and it was just to “poop” on the server - i.e. as a troll):

more evidence to show region had no real genuine purpose:

Similar incident where 200 block rule was explained to him, despite his selective memory:

for visual reference: it is this property here:

It is known that 4k606 like to go around the map finding random bases to buy up and has managed to buy a few close to cities, potentially without their permission if the mod hasn’t noticed the proximity.