Remove enchanter

It’s shit and has nuked the rares market. Give everyone 7 days to remove all the special enchantments then deactivate it.

The rare market isnt nuked ;-; a ton of people still buy rares, there are less people selling then buying

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Most people only collect rares, not sell

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Which makes it extremely hard to buy the rares you are looking for

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Rare market is nuked because now you can take a mediocre item and add 50 custom enchantments without breaking the name tag. I wouldn’t expect someone who has little experience with rares to know this but it makes all the difference (10% or more of an items value)

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It’s still a shitty and unnecessary addition to the server and has no reason to stay.

I’m gonna have to agree with aya this time. People don’t sell them they collect.

Its actually one of the most useful things in slimefun. It allows you to enchant rares without ruining the name. W/Aya, dont remove it

There arent even 50 enchants in minecraft, I dont know what slimefun experience do you have ;-; but theres no way you could make a diamond item even nearly as strong as a rare, all it does is adding vanilla enchants, so yes, you can have all prot types, but you can also have them on rares, and for actual PVP, its still exactly the same as regular max gear