Reintroducing Thirst starting January 31

As of January 31, 2024 Helllominers is bringing back the concept of thirst. While the first implementation was deemed wildly unpopular by the server population we’ve managed to find a way to enforce it without a resource pack.

We’re doing this in order to stimulate more of a consumption economy and bring back some difficulty to the game.

Vikron and Nightemperor made sure to include all approved brews and all slimefun / vanilla drinks in the configuration so we could already enable the plugin but we want to give players a chance to prepare for this implementation in order to give everyone an equal chance to capitalize on this market.

(Note, a couple of brewery drinks are still missing but we’re working hard to add every single one of them in the meanwhile)

What is thirst?
Thirst is a plugin that brings the concept of thirst to Helllominers next to the concept of hunger. Adding another survival element to the game.

Just like with starvation, if you don’t quench your thirst on time you’ll die!

Luckily any drink that you can imagine can help you stay hydrated. Including custom brews and slimefun drinks. This plugin also brings you the ability to stack drinks!

So carry a stack of apple juice, water or anything else you can imagine and make sure to stay hydrated!

Do I need to download a resource pack?
Nope! Not at all, we’re using a plugin made by the developer of the resource pack so you won’t need a resource pack!

Want to capitalise on this new market?
Does the drinks market sound like something you want to corner but do you have no idea where to start? Nightemperor made this brewery guide to help you out! and here are some public brewing recipes

Don’t want to brew? You can also use a juicer to turn fruits into fruit juice, just type the command /sf search juicer and you’ll find a very easy to build machine to start brewing fruits.

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wtaf is this?
who asked for this?

some kind of early april fools joke?? its january 13th



im only going to use vodka to quench my thirst, and no one can stop me >:)



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This is stupid. It is a waste of time. Create a single empty block, dump a bucket of water in it. Step in and you are refreshed.
It does not generate any economic activity and pisses off the people using the server.
in addition, we get two onscreen notifications constantly. It depletes at a ridiculous rate. It is just going to make it harder for people who are using the nether or resource world. They will die and have to restart activities. Loose their place. I think it should be trashed.


Fr, there a giant boss bar that displays my thirst, and a scoreboard. Plus bottles dont stack so now I gotta haul a water bottles around like some 3rd world country.

This plugin should be removed. Lots of complains

Me when i add an annoying ass gameplay change that literally nobody has asked for just to make a market to sell my beverages but people still wont buy & now are mad

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Plugin doesn’t work as intented. Players getting baptised to wash their thirst sins.


Avara is selling water bottles for free in its airport. There is also a fountain if you don’t need water for later.

I suggest that companies and cities against the thirst plugin do the same.

Get baptised in the name of the Lord Tedde. Wash the sins of the thirst away!

Head on down to Valleyside Airport today.

(Post a picture of yourself getting baptised here or in the HMSU discord for a baptism certificate)

This plugin gotta be joke right?

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After some reconsiderations I’ve removed the plugin, changes should be noticed after restart. We might revisit the plugin in the future if the features are better.

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that lasted long… :laughing:

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Lasted as long as my thirst

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