Regarding the HMSU

Regarding the HMSU,

Recently, the HelloMiners Soviet Union declared war on our close ally, the United States of Sodom. We have also began to see the HMSU as an increasingly violent nation, declaring war on harmless cities. After much deliberation with fellow governments we have decided to bring an agreement to the HMSU, to preserve peace. If failed to sign, we will have no choice but to declare war. We will be in touch with the HMSU shortly.

Argos, Bayview and Antec.



roleplay :open_mouth:

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Wait what does this exist now

cant yall settle this with a rock paper scissors match?


Update: Following discussion the HMSU has agreed to revoke all war declarations and cease the operation of its military. We would like to give credit for their maturity in this situation.

nvm lol they broke it within a day by recruiting soldiers we’re at war :v:

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Avara City will be allying with the HMSU in this war.


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counter ratio


ALERT: Dove Valley has decided to join the war against Avara, Alexandria, and Flowing Meadows along with the HMSU due to how this could escalate and effect the state of Rolling Hills. We will be working with server leaders to impose a cease fire. In the meantime President MrPumpcan has ordered our Military baces to use all needs necessary to defend Dove Valley and its allies. Any attack on any Dove Valley state will result in Fire and Fury like the server has never seen. No travel is advised for DV Citizens in HMSU, Avara, Alexandria, and Flowing Meadows, Argos, Sodom, and Bayview. This is because HMSU, Avara, Alexandria, and Flowing Meadows are at war with Argos, Sodom, and Bayview. Dove Valley’s department of Defense has sent several aircrafts to Bayview to assist them in the war. We will be attacking Avara, Alexandria, and Flowing Meadows and HMSU if they do not stop and come together for a cease fire. All DV Military bases are on full alert tonight and will be guarding all DV States with all their might for a possible attack. We are working together tonight with server leaders to prevent this event from turning inter Server War I. President MrPumpcan of DV is asking all leaders to meet on all sides at Dove Valleys Military Bace In international land to discuss peace. If peace will not be decided it will be forced.

PSA: Alexandria is neutral

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Flowing meadows is also neutral

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Dove Valley will be neutral. Please disregard the past post.

as our files regarding the hmsu from this week show, the hmsu are becoming more neutral, we think this is a good change, and the first step on the way to become a better nation, since no attacks/major military development have been recorded lately, the W.A.S.P command sees this as following the guidelines of the previous agreement. W.A.S.P agrees to not attack the hmsu as long as the peace agreement goes on, thank you hmsu for making this step towards peace, perhaps you’re not that bad after all ;p