Reduce Land Buy Price

go back to F5 or i’ll cry


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I wish we could, but the majority of staff own a city and wouldn’t let this happen. That was why the land price changed in the first place. It wasn’t about helping the poor, it was about helping themselves with more plot sales.

So you are now mistaking coorelation with causation: “Most staff own cities, therefore they are doing this out of self-interest.” In case you didn’t know, most active players own cities, and the server theme is economy and city. Those are the two core aspects of the server.

Plot sales increasing is meant to bring one of the lacking core values, city roleplay, into relevance again by making it be prominent in the economy. We want cities to be profitable, not because us staff own cities, but so people find value in making and investing in private cities over wild land, where there tends to be a problem with thousands of farms all over the map which tend to take away traffic from the dead apartment industry. We are trying to make city ownership a profitable job as it should be on the server, as well as encouraging more player interaction in the economy rather than gov interaction.

Inflation in terms of server total has increased almost 10x since 2013, while the wild land price has increased once by 2x. It has gotten easier and easier to region wild land, and people tend to forget that when they see a sudden doubling of the land price and say its harder than ever now.

Also raising land value was never about helping the poor, raising starting bal is.

Believe the reason wasnt exactly related to just city owners, i feel like it had more to do with the servers rate of inflation being high. FYI I havent sold a city plot in like years. As it is right now theres very few ways for a new player to jump in and buy a plot right now, which is why we need more roleplay jobs, and ways for players to get started.

raising starting bal is.

i honestly don’t know why people don’t realise that raising the starting balance is only increasing inflation. Other than gov work, the only action pumping new money and devaluing current forsals is new players joining. While I’m all for this, if we get an influx of new users with the current high balance we could be looking at a horrible sitch.

if they dont do anything with that money and leave straight away how is that adding to inflation

I bought all the land for my city after the rule change making me spend 1.2 mil instead of 600k. So there goes your theory down the drain, also you get back 50% back of what you’ve spent on the city after approval, afterwards you’ll have the 5f price for expansions.

All we really did was stop people from using land to hide money in and newbies from plastering the map with annoying wild rgs.

So, ding dong, your opinion is wrong

That’s why I don’t get this whole warps change to make it fair for private cities. It’s ultimately only going to try help line city owners pockets. We don’t get nearly enough new players for it to be an effective strategy and it’s a step towards making the server far too easy to play.