Real question to british people

How do you all deal with the french inventing the metric system?

Same way you deal with the British inventing the Imperial system.

Wait you guys invented that? Why do you all blame us for using it then?

The British somehow manage to use both so Americans and Brits are wrong on this

Britain is a truly cursed place. I suppose it’s cuz we love colonizing so much that we adopted both so we can have our cake and eat it too.

Because doing something, then deciding we don’t want to do it and actually we never liked it anyway is our main talent as a country.

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france are irrelevant to us and they stink

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Hate to burst your bubble guys but the British actually came up with both.

Ah yes, the metric system was famously invented by French revolutionaries in Britain, who named them in French for fun (SI units or Système international d’unités).

Harks back to British scientist John Wilkins who invented the elements of the metric system in 1668. It was probably the French who first implemented it.