RE: EasyPlace

Hi all,

After holding a staff vote (80% no, 20% yes), and doing a test demonstration of what easyplace can do, we have decided not to allow the use of easyplace. Although we understand that there has been a decline in building, we cannot use that to justify allowing something that takes any of the challenges of building out of the equation completely. We did a test demonstration using the CB airport (which was deleted after), and found that in 20 minutes 1/5 of the airport was completed. Given that the airport design is a moderately difficult build in vanilla, two hours is insanely quick and unreasonable. I understand that frustration may arise from the few parties that were pushing for it, however it quite literally defeats the purpose of the game, allowing for blocks to be placed midair, and at too high of a speed to be reasonable.

I apologize for any dissatisfaction this causes, however we believe this will have more negative impacts than positive in the long term.