Project Mesa

Hello folks,

Server map with a few mesas and no resource world for years has left some mesas looking completely destroyed. Particularly the mesa next to Asperia looks like a nuclear test site. After doing a lot of wilderness protection work for the gov, I decided to try my own project after I managed to buy Asperia and the mesa between it and PH.

The first part of the project is now completed, the results can be seen here with some before / after footage.

Thanks for watching!


amazing work ara! hopefully this will remain regioned?

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this is so cool! :grin: great work man :+1:

love this, this mesa biome has basically been my permanent home for years, love seeing it being restored

i’ve always believed the mesa biome is one of the prettiest biomes in minecraft, this should be a great sight to see from downtown asperia and PH. If you want to restore the ground above my base just west of asperia let me know my base is fully underground

Only regioned land has been restored :smiley:

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