Proclamation to the 'Southern Union for Development ("SUD")'

To the esteemed leaders of Alexandria, Archendale, Aruba, Ashford, Britannia, Cape Coral, Cardiff, Dubai, Florae, Kingdom of Haven, Montego Bay, New Aurora, Paradise Hills, Silver Lake, Sodom, Toronto, Trakai, and Valnir,


I, hiqora, renowned as the Conqueror of the South, hereby address the leaders of the cities forming the ‘Southern Union for Development.’ With unwavering strength and determination, I have vanquished the formidable leaders of Bayview, CakeDevil_275, and Albinary, and now stand as the paramount force in our united lands.

With my triumphant victory over the leaders of Bayview, I assert my rightful claim to dominion over our combined territories. I call upon all of you, the leaders of the cities within the Southern Union for Development, to recognize my sovereignty and pledge allegiance to me, hiqora, as your supreme ruler. I am the one who commands respect, loyalty, and obeisance.

Those who choose to accept my reign shall be embraced with open arms and afforded the protection and prosperity that I am more than capable of providing. Together, we shall create an era of unity and progress unlike any seen before.

However, be forewarned that resistance against my rule will not be tolerated. Those who refuse to acknowledge my authority shall face the full force of my wrath. I am an unstoppable force, and any attempt to defy my command will lead to swift and severe consequences.

May this declaration serve as a testament to my power and unyielding determination. I await your response and expect a swift acknowledgment of my rightful place as your ruler. Let there be no doubt that hiqora, the Conqueror of the South, will stand victorious, with or without your submission.

Signed with the blood of Bayview,
hiqora, the Conqueror of the South


Love the art work of the Fall of Bayview xD

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hey feel free to take trakai but we will financially ruin your empire with our free food, plots, apartments and no revenue stream :heart:


To hiqora, the Conqueror of the South,

I pen this message from the realm of New Jamaica, not only as its unwavering leader, Prince Somfic of Montego Bay, but also as the staunch defender of our ally, CakeDevil, ruler of Bayview. Your boastful claims of victory over our ally have not gone unnoticed and shall not pass without consequences.

Thy letter of conquest hath reached our shores, but let it be known that New Jamaica shall not be swayed by thy grandiloquent proclamations. We are a steadfast realm, rooted in independence and guided by the principles of sovereignty.

Our people hold dear the virtues of unity and cooperation, but they shall never bow to the yoke of subjugation. We shall not forsake our autonomy to become subjects under thy rule, nor shall we kneel to any foreign power.

Thine offer of protection and prosperity, whilst enticing, shall not beguile us from our path. We have faced trials before, and with the strength of our resolve, we shall withstand whatever storms thou might unleash.

Let it be known that New Jamaica stands as a beacon of liberty in these tumultuous times. We extend a hand in peace to our fellow cities, seeking harmony and progress among us all. Yet, we demand respect for our sovereignty, as we respect the sovereignty of others.

Thy claims of invincibility and wrath do not intimidate us. We fear not the clash of steel nor the rumble of war drums. Our people are bound by honor and the love of our homeland, and that shall suffice to defend us.

Know this, hiqora, the Conqueror of the South, that thou hast now incurred the wrath of two realms. Our unity with Bayview shall become an unyielding wall against thy ambitions, and together we shall weather the storm thou hast unleashed.

May this message serve as a testament to our stern resolve. New Jamaica shall remain steadfast, unyielding to thy aspirations of dominion. We shall chart our own course, charted by our own people, and no force shall dissuade us from our path.


The Prince Somfic I, Heir to the Salted Shores of Montego Bay, Guardian of New Jamaica and Descendant of Moderators

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Hello slain Albinary,

Our victory today will turn a new leaf in Trakai. We will convert your barren lands into fruitful hills. We will make sure no child goes hungry any longer.

The harvest shall be bountiful and abundant.

Trumpet Exit Music Signed,
hiqora, the Conquerer of the South



August 1st, 2023

Statement from the Office of President of Avalon

Avalon’s Strong Stance on Recent Developments in the Global South

Avalon is deeply troubled by the recent surge of violent incidents occurring in the global South. Please know that, as President, I have engaged in consultations with the national Joint Chiefs of Staff to address this critical situation and ensure the safety of our nation and its citizens.

While current circumstances prevent the immediate allocation of military resources to the Southern Union for Development (SUD), I’d like to emphasize the unwavering commitment of Avalon to protect its own borders from any potential threats that may arise. The nation’s defenses remain steadfast and ready to thwart any unforeseen attacks.

In a display of compassion and solidarity, Avalon has taken the decisive step to open its borders, providing refuge to those displaced by the ongoing turmoil in Southern nations and cities. This gesture reflects our nation’s core values of empathy and humanity, offering a welcoming environment for those seeking security and respite from the challenging circumstances they face.

The administration extends a heartfelt message to the leaders of SUD, expressing our deepest hopes for the eradication of the international terrorism currently gripping the region. I hold the sincere belief that through united efforts and shared determination, this menace can be overcome, paving the way for a safer and more harmonious world.

As we confront these complex and evolving challenges, I will remain dedicated to upholding peace, stability, and global cooperation. Avalon stands united with its allies and partners in pursuit of a brighter future for all.

President of Avalon

[End of Press Release]


To Prince Somfic I, Heir to the Salted Shores of Montego Bay, Guardian of New Jamaica, and Descendant of Moderators,

I, hiqora, the Conqueror of the South, have received your response from the realm of New Jamaica. Your words reveal the unwavering spirit of a leader fiercely devoted to your land and allies.

Let it be known that I have little interest in extended negotiations or peaceful resolutions. The time for submission has arrived, and resistance shall not be tolerated.

I shall not be swayed by grandiloquent proclamations or appeals to sovereignty. My might is unparalleled, and I shall not hesitate to take by force what I rightfully claim as mine.

Prepare your realm, Prince Somfic, for the storm that is about to descend upon your shores. The era of my dominion is inevitable, and those who defy my will shall face the full brunt of my wrath.

The cities within our realm must come to terms with their destiny: to kneel before their new ruler, hiqora, or to be crushed beneath the weight of my conquest.

This is your final warning. Submit, or suffer the consequences.

hiqora, the Conqueror of the South


To President Spartan,

Be warned: I, Hiqora, the Conqueror of the South, demand that Avalon stays clear of the Southern Union for Development. Interference will not be tolerated. Should you join the war or hinder my conquest in any way, be prepared to face the consequences, for you will be next.

Let it be known the only reason you do not send troops is because of your financial mismanagement, attributed to the embezzlement by your past leader, Mr_BL0RB. Your city’s decline is evident. I suggest you seek redemption soon, or you may face threat like the South.

Heed this warning.
hiqora, the Conqueror of the South

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please leave my land alone or else i’ll do bad things

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To all,

Comrades of the proletariat! In the relentless march toward a just and equitable society, wherein the shackles of exploitation and class oppression are shattered and the radiant banner of socialism unfurls in triumph, we find ourselves compelled to confront the intractable forces of capitalist imperialism, which persistently hinder the realisation of our proletarian utopia.

The HMSU congratulates you on your illustrious achievements thus far Hiqora and welcomes the huddled masses seeking refuge across our borders. However, with a heavy yet resolute heart, and in full accordance with the inexorable dialectical materialism that guides our revolutionary conscience, we, the vanguard of the server, the embodiment of the collective will of the working masses, do hereby declare a state of war against all enemies.

This declaration is not a heedless incitement of violence, but rather, it is a clarion call for the proletariat to rise in unison, casting off the chains of bourgeois subjugation and uniting in a fervent struggle to seize the means of production, which have been unjustly hoarded by the exploiters for too long.

Our war aims are rooted in the imperatives of proletarian emancipation, aimed at toppling the oppressive edifice of the capitalist system, dismantling the mechanisms of exploitation, and establishing a classless society where the workers wield the reins of power and the fruits of labor are equitably distributed to all.

With unwavering commitment to the principles of proletarian internationalism, we call upon the cities across the server to unite in solidarity against the machinations of imperialist warmongers and corporate exploiters, for only through global unity can we transcend the parochial divisions sown by capitalist propaganda.

Our just cause seeks not the subjugation of individuals but the liberation of humanity from the yoke of bourgeois oppression. We solemnly pledge that the bloodshed engendered by this war will serve as a baptismal rebirth of a new server, where compassion, fraternity, and egalitarianism reign supreme.

As we unleash the righteous tempest of proletarian struggle, we beseech our enemies to abandon their parasitic ways and join the march toward social harmony, for the workers’ victory is not solely their defeat but rather a triumph for all of humanity.

Let the factories roar with the chorus of the proletariat’s unified might, and let the battlefields be sanctified by the sacrifice of those who march forward with unswerving resolve to emancipate the oppressed masses from the fetters of bourgeois tyranny.

In this crucible of revolutionary struggle, we call upon the soldiers of the proletariat, the guardians of the revolution, to wield their arms with discipline and resolve, upholding the principles of the rules of combat and demonstrating compassion even in the heat of battle.

May the guiding light of our cause illuminate the path, and may the collective spirit of proletarian struggle propel us toward a future where war shall become but a distant memory, and the communion of the masses shall reign supreme.

Thus, with unity, resolve, and an unshakeable faith in the inevitable triumph of socialism, we solemnly declare this war to be a monumental milestone on the road to a classless society—a society wherein the people, as masters of their destiny, will finally emerge victorious and bask in the radiant glow of a socialist dawn.

In light of the exigent circumstances prevailing due to the activation of our mutual defence pact with a consortium of cities, we find ourselves compelled to set into motion a meticulously coordinated and strategic operation. As we shift our focus from the front line where we had been contending against the forces of Argos, we now diligently divert and mobilise our troops to reinforce these designated cities, fortifying their defences and thereby safeguarding the integrity of the server.

Commendably, our technologically superior missile defence system has proven its mettle, effectively thwarting numerous egregious nuclear onslaughts emanating from both Argos and the ostentatiously named W.A.S.P. Instead, our countermeasures, previously dismissed as server glitches by W.A.S.P propaganda, have been devastatingly effective, with W.A.S.P missiles unintentionally obliterating considerable portions of ‘government’ cities, which, in truth, are nothing more than symbolic facades concealing a staff agenda.

Even in the face of such unprecedented hostilities, our borders have remained steadfast, impermeable to any further attempts at such audacious attacks. As a testament to our indomitable resolve, we assertively recognise and acknowledge Hiqora’s indisputable right to assert the title of conqueror, a recognition stemming from their tenacious efforts and hard-won victories, legitimising their position as a dominant force within the South East region.

By upholding the time-honored doctrine of “right of conquest,” we effectively mitigate any potential for further instability, particularly within the confines of the South East, thereby ensuring a modicum of order and control in a region fraught with turbulence and uncertainty.

In summary, as we navigate these tumultuous waters, we remain steadfastly committed to the principles of solidarity and collective defence, resolute in our determination to safeguard our territories and preserve the sanctity of our server. Let it be known that, in the face of adversity, our unity remains unshakable, and together, we shall overcome all challenges and emerge triumphant in our pursuit of a secure and prosperous future.


Chairman of the HMSU

Chairman of the HMSU

To the HMSU,
(I had to TLDR this message)

I acknowledge your dedication to socialism and communism, but history has proven that such systems often fail, leading to the suffering of their people. As evidenced by the harsh winter your citizens are enduring, it is evident that these ideologies have not brought the promised prosperity.

I advise your country to steer clear of the affairs of the Southern Union for Development and refrain from crossing me, Hiqora. Should you choose to interfere, be prepared for an even harsher winter, as my might is unparalleled.

Once I liberate the South, I will bring freedom to all oppressed peoples, including those in the HMSU. Rest assured, the leaders of your country will face the consequences of their actions.

Proceed with caution.
hiqora, the Conqueror of the South

winter suffering

Coalition of U.S.S. Forces and Bayview Partisans defeat the tyrant Hiqora, Colorized 2023.

Hiqora had flown to the Bayview carrier with the intent of hosting peace talks but got surprised with nuclear weapons by Emperor Satan. Other than Hiqora the fight had one other casualty, Satan was shot by friendly fire of the incompetent Bayview Army.

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Source: Bayview Ministry of Defence


Having faced defeat in the battle for Bayview, Hiqora, the Conqueror of the South, decided to take an unorthodox approach. He extended a unique invitation to all who sought to prove their worth. Within his laboratory, a crucible of challenges awaited those daring enough to participate in the trial known as the Hunger Games.

In this formidable proving ground, survival, wit, and courage were put to the test. Only the most resilient would emerge victorious. Hiqora’s invitation was not a call for submission but an opportunity for growth and learning, a chance to overcome adversity.

Brave souls stepped forward to accept the challenge, fully aware that within Hiqora’s laboratory, the pursuit of greatness had begun anew. The Hunger Games had commenced, and the path to personal triumph beckoned in the aftermath of his defeat in Bayview.

The laboratory bore witness to the unfolding drama, where contenders faced the ultimate test of their abilities, their fates intertwining with the ambitions of the Conqueror of the South.

In the midst of the chaos, two formidable contenders stood tall amidst the fallen. Richie_Rich and Hiqora emerged as the final two, each displaying exceptional prowess and cunning. The showdown between them was a clash of titans, with both refusing to back down.

In a surprising twist, Richie_Rich revealed an arrow, rumored to possess the power to end all wars. It was a weapon of unimaginable potential, capable of reshaping the course of history. With this newfound leverage, Richie_Rich played a dangerous game, attempting to sway Hiqora to his will.

The confrontation between Richie_Rich and Hiqora reached its climax, as they engaged in a tense negotiation that could tip the scales of power. The allure of the arrow and the promise of a different path tempted Hiqora, but he remained wary, knowing that the outcome of this encounter could alter the course of the Southern Union.

The fate of the laboratory and the Hunger Games hinged on this pivotal moment, where two forces collided, each driven by their convictions. The tension in the room was palpable, as spectators watched with bated breath, uncertain of how this high-stakes encounter would unfold.

The Hunger Games had become more than a battle for survival; it was a battle of ideologies, of choices that could reshape the future. In this climactic moment, the fates of Richie_Rich and Hiqora intertwined, the arrow to end all wars as the ultimate prize, and the outcome uncertain.

Richie_Rich wielded the fabled arrow to end all wars, outmaneuvering Hiqora and emerging victorious in the final moments of the Hunger Games. The laboratory fell silent as Richie_Rich’s triumph reshaped the course of the Southern Union, leaving a lasting impact on the future of the realm.

richie katniss