Probation question

I was banned back in August for probation violation, and at the time said my permanent ban was unfair due to the fact there was no mention of probations anywhere in the official rules. I mentioned this to nico at the time (The original forums were still up then) and he said he thought there was a topic created about the probation system when it was first released.
However, I don’t think it is correct to dribble the rules in different places, and expect players to know and see all of them. Instead, they should have been in the actual rules section of the website.
Since the forums have gone down, staff now always say to be “I believe the probation rules were actually in the rules, but there is no way to prove this as the forum data was lost”
I don’t think this is very fair as its not my fault the forums were hacked. My main argument for being unbanned is lost due to the forum data being lost.
In conclusion, I just wanted to ask if it is really fair to say there is no way to prove it wasn’t in the rules, when before the forums when down multiple staff members acknowledged the fact it wasn’t there.

The probation rules were readily available on the old forums. They were not in the primary rules page as we did not have access to edit at that time, however they were pinned globally. Rest assured, all server rules will now be centralized for future reference. Your main argument for being unbanned is invalid as you were told you would be on probation and then got yourself rebanned. Breaking probation reverts you back to the original bantime, which was permanent.

Additionally, based on your harassment of our players as recent as last week, there is zero chance of you being unbanned right now.

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