President of Congress Nominations - November 2023

The HM Congress is looking for a President to oversee all bills passed by Congress (including veto powers). For the purpose of roleplaying, they will be able to appoint their own cabinet and other positions, at the discretion of congress. They will be styled as President or Player President.

:ballot_box: How to Nominate
Players seeking nomination will need 1 other person to nominate them (this may be a running mate). You and your running mate, may nominate by replying below using the following format (edit as appropriate):

Presidential candidates:
I, username, declare that I will be running for President as an Independent / a member of political party. I hereby choose username as my running mate.

Nominator/running mate:
I, username, declare that I nominate username for President. I confirm I am / am not their running mate.

Nominations close on the 30th of November, with voting open immediately after.

:ballot_box: Election Process
If there are more than 2 candidates and 1 candidate doesn’t receive more than 50% of the vote, the lowest candidate will be removed and another round will take place.

Players may choose to run alongside a running mate, who will take the role of Vice President should they be successful. As Vice President, you will act as President should the President be on holiday or need a break or step down. If they do not choose a running mate in advance, this position will be offered to the 2nd place candidate.

The term of office for President is 6 months.

:ballot_box: Requirements to Run
The only requirement is that you are an active player in-game as well as on Discord.

Players that have a seat in the House/Senate will need to vacate that seat upon becoming successful in contesting this election…

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I, Thendil , declare that I will be running for President as an Independent . I hereby choose Gurbanguly as my running mate.

I, Gurbanguly, declare that I nominate Thendil for President. I confirm I am their running mate.

Congratulations, as there was only one set of nominations, Thendil is duly elected President. Gurbanguly therefore becomes Vice President.

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