Prebuilt Front Row Plots Available at Monbay North Airport

Front row plots at Montego Bay North Airport are now available! These are the best spots in Montego Bay for you to open up your business. :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses:

To purchase the building you want, just click the sign at the building entrance :))

Plots: (From left to right) - mbayfr5, mbayfr4 (reserved), mbayfr3, mbayfr2 (sold)

Plot: mbayfr1 (sold)

Plots Available: mbayfr5 (F54,500), mbayfr3 (F51,000)
Location: Montego Bay North Airport, Montego Bay
Contact for more information: MISTERJ575 or MISTERJ575#0389 on Discord

Plot Rules:

  • Montego Bay rules apply
  • No changing of the exterior
  • Interior can be modified but it must also suit the exterior
  • Buildings must be used for shops/apartments only

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