[POLL] Build server, Bungeecord

Hi everyone,

With the build server coming back soon, we are trying to determine the best way to bring it back. We can either have it as a standalone server, or attempt to add bungeecord again so that the build server and main server can share chat, playercount, and allow you to switch between build and main without signing out. Although we did make use of bungeecord while Magnus was here, we would be using it differently - there would be no hub, it would just make switching between main and build a bit easier. Please vote on the poll and let us know if you would like us to try setting up bungeecord again, or if you would prefer to have the servers separate.

  • Set up Bungeecord to connect the main and build servers
  • keep both servers separate

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bungee is really only useful for large network servers like hypixel with custom jars, not for small servers like us. theres no need for connection between the two as (if im not mistaken), if the server goes down then so too does the build, whereas with a separate host itll be on its own accord and if anything were to happen like the last corruption, it wouldnt impact the main server or vice versa in any way.

imo, its cool having play.hellominers.com and build.hellominers.com seperately. people can also ignore all the spam they get from chat and build in peace with other builders.

just my two cents

Two issues with that:

  1. They only both go down if the central bungee hub goes down, which isn’t too likely to happen.
  2. build.hellominers.com is unlikely to work for the foreseeable future if ever, we’d be stuck with ‘play.hellominers.com:25566’ for now.

In the staff chat my main argument for using bungee cord was to show the actual player count. Having the servers separate makes the server look emptier. If there are no performance drawbacks, it’s best to combine the two.

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Yeah you’re right but that would only add like 2 or 3 players tops. Using deception shouldn’t really be the USP of using bungeecord

I also think its easy to manage if its one single server vs two diff server chats. I remember all the crazy shit ppl said on the build server bc no staff were on

Rip I always remembered build being quite civil ngl

i remember someone built a schlong on their plot and we had a party inside of it, was weird asf


hm build was wild af

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Flashback to that guy yelling he was gonna ddos build and then making a forum post like “im sorry uwu”