POLL: Add Gov and Private City Warps to Airport GUI

Make the Airport GUI include gov city warps and private city warps (any spot the city owner chooses within their city, like the city center/square), replacing the current system where the teleporting location can only be in the Airport of a city.

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To clarify, this vote passed with a majority amongst staff within 1 day with no dissent.

Yes, absolutely. The current airport system is a mess and unnecessarily complicated. Why not just speed it up?

This would be great, better for the economy so that businesses can thrive, especially with the abundance of plots in great locations, although I do also believe in the value of airports and their role in the “roleplay” aspect of the server.

I think the airport should be redesigned to the ticket system and have easy to access buttons/tp signs to the government cities via the airport spawn.

What will be the whole point of airports then? Can we get some more explanation on how it would work with the current airport system?

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I wouldn’t really mind it,

But the idea of Airports are to introduce “people”, the players to the city as they arrived. Giving it some realism/roleplay. Where, based on whatever city. Companies, stores, apartment buildings would try to compete to get a front row plot. Like usually done to Government cities that are sorta on Death rows now (lol).

Besides, not many people are gonna randomly explore the airport unless they’re interested. Spawning into an airport for a city, they’ll get to see the interior design that could be impressive to show off the city owner’s/staff’s abilities.

Then there is the argument of players having 2nd row+ beyond plots. Well if its a good store, with a good reputation and good values with it’s prices.
For example is Argos, government airport moved from it. But, people still go to it.
So no matter where you arrive in any city, if you rely on a store or a place of business. As a loyal customer, you’ll go to it.

So for a business to thrive, they gotta compete with others obviously, not drag them closer to be seen. They can obviously advertise on the forums to be seen too, y’know. Because you could have the biggest front row plot somewhere next to an airport, but a store like two or three rows behind you is more better or more reliable.

Besides, several cities have spent their time setting up subways/etc… next to the Airport, to have the ability to travel across the city or sorts.
So taking away the ability of an airport to act like an airport, might as well label it a local plane museum other than being there for roleplay reasons as a building.

It is what it is.


Guys of course it will take that roleplay and realism aspect out but given the amount of opposition to the current system we have it seems as if we cannot satisy everyone. So sorry.
This is meant to be a compromise between those who feel like the current system we have now is worse (for new players especially in the form of simplicity and accessibility) and those who believe the private city and government city access is unequal.

What do you all think about maybe giving airports a purpose still for arrivals, by using a one-way taxi service that’s right outside the airport to fast travel to the main part of the city? This way you arrive in the airport like normal but there is a better sense of realism there with a taxi. Obviously subways exist but this just makes it even faster for those who care about the most popular part and don’t need to see every single station. And adding off of what doodle said, perhaps a taxi ticket system can be used for both gov and private so that they can profit off of the taxi usage.

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Hello everyone!

If we are doing this for the betterment of the server we should do it well.

The reason why warps were removed was to level private cities with gov cities, other thing that must be taken into account is new players.

I believe the best way to do so its the following:
When you click on the guy on the airport and the menu opens, it should appear 2 blocks that can be clicked, one named “Government Cities” and the second one should be named “Private cities”. When you click on “Government Cities” it should open another menu with all the government cities listed there, the same should happen with Private cities, when you click on “Private Cities” a second menu should pop up with all the private cities available. This way Government cities and private cities will be at the same level.

One of the most important thing to take into account is new players, so when implementing this changes the first thing staff should think is “How a new player will see/react to this changes”. If you think a new player will finish the tutorial and know where everything is and wont feel lost, you are wrong.
A new player should spawn in the airport in front of the airport guy, and the new player must know somehow that he has to click that guy to be able to find all the “warps/destinations” where he can travel, he also should know that /warp airport exist.

Regarding the tutorial, I believe it should be optional or very short, 10-15 secs long.
I have noticed that almost all new players leave seconds after finishing the tutorial, this mean that 2 things are happening, one is that the player gets confused by a long tutorial and doesn’t want to deal with so much info and just leave after the tutorial, other thing that can be happening is that he finishes the tutorial and finds it too complicated and just leave.
I also noticed that more new players stayed for longer time when the tutorial was removed. I think making the tutorial optional is the way to go, a new player should only know that there is a /warp airport and that there is a guy that you click and let you travel to government cities and private cities. Also a new player should know that there is a /warp tutorial that can be used at any time he/she feels ready to learn more about the server, when the new player feels comfortable enough and likes the server enough, they will do/use warp tutorial.

I strongly believe that if we implement these changes we are into a very good path for the server.

Last thing, please put some nice buildings in /warp airport NOW. It makes the server look dead with all those empty plots, and please make them look very nice since that will be the first impression new players will have on the server.

Wish a nice week to everyone!

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agree but dont put any shops or anything, we don’t want a second agora, we could have a rent-type thing so we have a building with small shops

I thought the whole point of getting rid of warps was so that certain shops wouldn’t have better traffic over other shops.

New players spawn in C not the Airport. This has been publicly announced now.

The tutorial has been optional for the longest time. I think the biggest turnoff is the holograms. It is visually difficult to focus on and I think condensing back to signs or just keeping those chat commands and adding those to NPCs.

Fully agree. Perhaps stalls on the main roads of suburbs and suburbian homes for sale beyond those, with no merging allowed (no pseudo mansions!)

Yeah something like this. Mycmd can do those kind of sub commands like you describe.


I’m shocked at how many people agree with this… when you fly from an airport you don’t land in the city centre…
In real life the ease of travelling from an airport to the city centre depends on said cities infrastructure, and that should be the same as on HM. If you take a city like MonBay for example, there aren’t plots near the airport so you definitely don’t spawn in the city centre, but their great subway system allows you to…
Since warps are instant if you want to have people get from your airport to your city centre just build a better subway? Or once again I propose the addition of busses… I might make a suggestion topic just for busses but they would basically work as subways on the ground, but you can only go to the next bus stop on the route

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Read replies…

Bump doing poll soon

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a server I used to play on used to have bus stops. the way it worked is you’d have the stop, and a clickable sign inside of it that let you travel to other stops for a small amount of money. having a system like that for F5 would be cool, on the other hand it does discourage travel by bus, so yeah having it free would be more sensible. maybe cities could decide this? anyway I find it way more convenient than going down in the ground for a subway. cities should have this function. it would be cool if mapart could be used in the bus stop GUI too haha

we need more infrastructure

we need more trains (a potential link from airport to a city on the SUD’s train system would be cool), more trams (maybe a small one from airport to HC spawn or to suburbs), buses (with the signs and stuff), maybe cities could choose to havw a tram systen instead of a metro…


I did, I didn’t see anyone mention anything about infrastructure… if players can’t get to your city centre we’ll enough from your airport then that’s your fault… use nether portals? use a subway?

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Sounds like warps we had but with extra steps

Well the big difference is 1.Way more roleplay-ish, 2.All cities have the same thing, equal