[POLL] 1-way Taxi tp button to city center from airport

I don’t want to have to keep doing polls but I want to see what people’s opinions on this is because I made a reply to the last poll and it seems like not enough people have seen it.

All cities with airports would get a taxi built (a design the gov would use or their own design) on the road outside the airport. It would take the user to the central part of the city with a TP button.

Taxi TP or the Current System we have now (Subways)

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We’ve brought up this idea amongst staff, I believe aya brought it up and I think it’s the best solution.

I see this as a necessary infrastructure addition as sometimes people do not need to access variety of stations and just need that center of the city that’s the most important/popular

Toromboo’s GUI idea with subcategories (Priv and Gov) we will implement but we will not hold up to a vote. This is the last poll I will be doing on the situation and is mostly for feedback.

Note that this can be an option alongside subways for cities, we might have it function like infrastucture where the city owner pays a fee to add it to their city (like 10-15k or what it costs to make a subway/port/train station). But Cities with airports can have the ability to get one and it would be available at Tier 2 alongside airports since the two sort of function together.

I think this is still a best case scenario,

  • (1) Airports are still used as airports, meaning there is no teleports to city areas except for; Subways - Taxi (Introduction of Uber/Lyft lol)
  • (2) Players can still use the subway to go to other areas of the city regardless
  • (3) Competition of the “City Central” plots, the area where the taxi will arrive, would increase plot values, sinking more money into the city. Those unable to get a front row plot, still have 2nd row, etc… and other areas of the city.

“oH pEoPlE wOnT viSiT sHoPs fAr aWaY fRoM CitY cEnTrAL”
Well if players more commonly advertised their business, and products. It wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Besides if your go to store, like Argos / Aramega or other retail giants has ran out of a certain material/product you need for something. Players will explore other cities, and other plots for the exact same material/product regardless of Price or sorts.

The fact there is more, focus on player cities for transport and travel, still make any plot important as long as they advertise their business.

This is better than the other idea ;))

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yeah, and i think having private city “warp squares” is not as much of an issue at all right now since private cities just need more traffic in general and I think that the lack of a center in private cities is another factor thats different from gov cities. when you arrive at a private city you do not know where to go to find shops since they are rare to come by and if there is a one location people know about then those cities will start to stick and function like a gov city.