Pelican Hills INACTIVITY

Rule is 2 months, if you see Jenica or Alexisisturnt added to the rg, ignore, we designed most interiors to these houses so we’re still added to some.

PLOT: ph20

PLAYER: meleesoldier123

TIME: 39 months

PLOT: ph21

PLAYER: infected_eye

TIME: 3 months

PLOT: ph22

PLAYER: battlecloud

TIME: 11 months

PLOT: ph25

PLAYER: atom991

TIME: 6 months

PLOT: ph27

PLAYER: cwazyminer mrsuperred xnubtasticgoldx


PLOT: ph28

PLAYER: variar

TIME: 11 months

PLOT: ph35

PLAYER: samanthawolf11

TIME: 22 months

PLOT: ph37

PLAYER: juniorgamed

TIME: 12 months