[Patch Notes] Roleplay Jobs, New Event Hub + More!

Hello everyone, I would like to drop one of the biggest content drops HM has had in a long time. Though not every feature we wanted made it into this patch, a lot did and I’m extremely proud to give the community what they deserve, content.

Some cut content includes the 1.19 update, Shrines, Dungeons, and a few other Roleplay Jobs. Rather than delaying this update, for that stuff, I am going to launch this update, when 1.19 is ready, launch a similar update with more content. I am still actively working on this, I hope that the community provides all of the feedback we need to balance all of the roleplay jobs. Some roleplay jobs will need to pay more than they do currently, but that is based on player feedback. So sit back, relax and don’t give up on the community.

Event Hub:
The old Event Hub is gone! The entire area north of Crystal Bay has been completely re-designed and remade.

I’m extremely proud of how this turned out and can’t wait for everyone to see it! Though most of you have seen the area on dynmap or passed by it by now, it is an excellent addition to the server. I was originally going to make a large spawn complex here as well but as players voted against moving the spawn city out of HelloClan this was scrapped.

The buildings above Event Hub are currently empty. However, they could serve as a great location for more roleplay jobs like a Police HMPD questline that we dreamt up four years ago, or an actual Event Token Shop suggested by doodle.

Roleplay Jobs:
You have asked and we have delivered! The first wave of roleplay jobs has been launched!

They’re intended to bridge the gap for players that are between the lower to mid income levels. Essentially providing them with daily, weekly and or monthly (coming soon) quest tiers that can be replayed.

Each day or week you will need to visit the new Event Hub to receive these quests!

Tedex Delivery Services:
Teased a while ago, this somewhat notorious delivery company rules over the shipping and distribution services of the entire world. Do you dare to move up the ranks and discover what they are really like? Or will you just stick to stacking boxes. It’s up to you to find out.

Deliver a package from point A to point B and get your daily cash-out! Or if you feel like a real driver, try their weekly or monthly quests!

Marcs diner:
Mama Mia! Marc is in the kitchen! Come visit Marc’s food truck, or his diner located in crystal bay above the Event Hub to be hired!

All shifts are currently wide open, including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! The later on in the day you choose, the harder the service, and the more orders you might receive!

These quests take a very long time to code, however there should be enough variety in the mix to keep you entertained. Most quests are fully bug-tested however if something doesn’t match up please contact @UltraPro for a fix.

Updated Minecart Jobs:
We plan on implementing a similar system with the minecart jobs as with the other roleplay jobs. As it is currently though, we don’t have enough tracks designed to launch this as a full roleplay job.

However, they have been given a new and fancy GUI that can be accessed at the mines in the new Event Hub!

Bernies Cottage (Pyro Fishing):
Though a controversial addition, we have looked at & rebalanced Pyro Fishing to make it usable as a lower-level income generator for newer players.

We don’t want Pyro to be a go-to money exploit as it was in the past. With the lower fish prices and a daily limit set to earning an amount; we feel this is a good start.

All previous augments and plugin enchantments for fishing rods should no longer work going forward. This will be closer to a vanilla fishing experience and based on player demand; we can re-add certain features as we go on.

What this means for past Augments and Custom Fishing Rod Enchantments.
As you know, these enchantments have done nothing for the past two years. Going forward we will take a discretionary approach to Augments. We have disabled all crafting of new Augments and limited the use of Augments to tier 1. Augments will be obtainable through quests and or through the Reputation Shop for Fishing.

Current fishing rods with augments on them will continue to show their level in chat, however any augments above tier I will not function. Yes that means you probably have a valuble rod again, as long as its tier 1.

Vehicle Shop:
Warp dealership has moved to Event Hub! You can find it here with a new intuitive menu to make things simpler for you to buy and paint your vehicles!

The new showroom also includes a quick tutorial area for new players to learn how the vehicles and cars actually work!

Government Trade Center:
It’s moved! Welcome to the new GTC!

The prices have been audited by staff and adjusted for the current state of the economy. We ask that if you find any exploits - please let staff know before abusing it! Don’t be a Spav.

Players can now sell a number of basic materials to gov, empty their pockets and get some money flowing. This is intended to be another way to stimulate the economy, along with the roleplay jobs.

Staff will be reviewing chestshop signs to make sure item sell prices are on target with the economy’s standards. We reserve the right to reverse large transactions for now.

Demolition Jobs:
Hey there, wanna help me tear down a building?

This new roleplay job gives players an excellent introduction on how to demolish mid to large sized buildings and sell the materials to the GTC. Alternatively players can sell the items mined from the buildings to players for a higher price.

It gets more people involved in the improvement of cities and possibly have them even start their own demolition companies. Though the buildings in the quests auto-regenerate every time the quest starts, players can easily accept jobs in other cities to tackle the growing issue of eyesores.

City owners rejoice!

Head Shop:
The head shop has been moved!

Heads have been sorted and moved one by one into the new shop. You can find it in the new Event Hub! /warp eh

As time goes on we will expand the amount of heads in the shop and possibly add more types!

Art Gallery:
Ah, art. The language of… Oh, hello there can you help us clean up? The art gallery is now open featuring a creator showcase where mapart creators can show off their own maparts for sale! You can also talk to Pierre to learn more about his painting jobs!

On top of this, the Government Gallery is open for viewing; containing an impressive collection of player made maparts! If you want yours added to the gallery, simply contact staff and we can add your works of art to the showroom!

Automated Ironball + Quests
We are testing a cool new system for ironball! This system automatically sets up teams as soon as you’re ready to jump in and play! The arena at the Event Hub is always there for you! Just simply hop in and start your own game on demand with no hassle or need to keep track of score! Games go up to a score of 10 and winning will qualify you for your weekly and monthly Ironball quests, just talk to the golem in the lobby for more info!

Double jumping is also enabled in the arena, punching the ball gives it a huge boost, and best of all, no Ironball sticks are required! You can use /ibleave to leave the game, or /ibjoin eventhub to join anywhere in the server.

Daily Streaks:
As an incentive to encourage activity we are adding a new system called Streaks. We have had this enabled for a few weeks now.

Each day that you login, your login will count towards a cumulative total of logins. For every milestone you will receive a small reward as a token of gratitude from the staff team to you!

For the most dedicated players the gold, diamond and emerald Hoverbikes are available for the 100, 200 and 300 day milestones. (This is 100% conditional on the plugin not breaking from now until then.)

Roughly every 10 days for the duration of the summer you will be given a Sizzling Summer Crate Key. Each month you will receive a few thousand forsals and every week you will receive a F500 top-up. We plan on adding more rewards and items as time goes on, however this is a system that can constantly be updated.

I’ve been focusing on everything else, so if you have item suggestions or anything else dont hesitate to contact me.

Summer Market:
Summer is back and so is the Summer Market!

The fine city of Aruba has been chosen by staff to host this years event, you can visit their lovely city by doing /warp sm! If you wish to sell your goods at this newly founded market please feel free to do a helpme and request a stall!

A staff member will region it for you and get you set up! Though, we do suggest you burn some rubber, the market closes at the end of the summer!

The Sizzling Summer Crate has been added for this event as well. Three all new custom rare items are in the crate along with cash bonuses and some crates to get your stores or stockpiles all ready for the summer rush! These can be obtained as a rare drop in the vote crate or through login streaks!

Parkour Maps

This is probably long overdue. We now have custom parkour maps as part of the Event Hub! Just visit the parkour lobby, or just talk to the tour guide to get there! Currently there are 6 maps, (unless I down more caffeine before the update drops) and get more into the system. These are all setup to use!

Among many of the biomes, you will find complex and interesting parkour maps to keep you occupied. It will be possible for us to run tournaments to see who can get the fastest time in a month! Players will be given F500 for each unique map they complete. I plan on adding a lot more maps so this should be balanced.

(There is also the ability to setup daily/weekly/monthly quests with the parkour plugin as well, please dm me if this is something you want to see)

But thats not the exciting part. You can now also challenge someone you hate to a round of Parkour. Whoever wins, keeps the wager, the looser, goes home sad. See the image above for instructions on how to setup a challenge match.


Reputation Tokens:
Want to get rewarded for your Loyalty to a specific Roleplay Job? By completing Weekly or Monthly quests with any roleplay job you have a 20-33% chance to drop a Reputation Token. These tokens can be used to purchase themed items based on the job they were acquired from! More items are planned to be added to these shops, so these items should be hard enough to get to keep you questing!

The infamous return of /ah:
Yes Auction House is back. Sorta. Though many people have argued for and against its return, we have decided to find a middle ground. Originally Auction House was a NPC at the spawn area, we are reverting it back to something similar. Auction house will be disabled globally and only active in the New Event Hub. Meaning you will have to /warp eh, to use /ah or talk to the NPC there for assistance. We are using the same plugin, if players want we can enable it globally in the future, or remove it entirely. With a new update the plugin is more reliable and stable, and has some new features. Again, please do not use /ah bid for now, it never worked before and we have not tested that feature of the plugin yet. There is /ah buy and /ah sell though, which I’ll let you explore on your own. Selling limit is currently capped at 10 items with no bonus for premium users.

Though few of you actually read the article let me sum it up for you. I’ve been working for the past eight months on this content drop. There are over 100+ Roleplay Jobs and I plan on diversifying them and adding more as time goes forward. Your feedback on the pricing of these jobs and rewards is critical to balancing the economy and moving the server to be more friendly towards new players.

Shrines and Dungeons are planned to return as soon as the plugin is coded and ready to go, and that will include the Head Hunters Guild roleplay job which is basically defeat and collect for rares. They will also be on the lookout for specific materials for a somewhat devious purpose…

What needs doing? For the server to grow and have sustainable growth its extremely important that an active administration team along with staff needs to work together with players to dish out quarterly or semi-annual content drops. Advertising needs to be a core focus and an advertising department needs to be created. We need people posting on Reddit and Discord to bring in new players, voting sites do not cut it anymore. None of the above work is meaningful until we have a full and entirely massive tutorial rework.

New players need to be a major focus and older players need to find new ways to sink their money, high player balance causes most items and land to be devalued.
Private Cities need to cooperate with an entirely new player focus or get the axe. I did my part, now its your turn. Lets rebuild HelloMiners Together.


Edit: work in progress images from earlier on making eventhub:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Amazing work Ultra

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Love it! Really appreciate all time you have put into this! It looks amazing!!

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all this is insane, i’ve been a big fan of your work in the eventhub. there’s just so much stuff added and literally all of them are exactly what this server needed. ultra carrying the server fr

also can i have a word with the people that really thought HC is a better spawn than new eventhub??? i think another vote’s needed


If you need to advertise, id recommend Disboard (https://disboard.org/) It grows servers at a decant rate, its allways worked for me when im trying to grow a community, and id be happy to help set it up.

Also Ultra im glad your here leading the HM community, Awesome work :smiley:

this and the sims 3 patch notes have the same energy.
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