Oyster Cove Subway application

City Name: Oyster Cove

Owners: mrminer02

Coordinates for Transport Items: -2285, 57, -2575 (This is where the subway is, I’ll tell admins where TPs will go once approved)

Land Value: 1.9 mil

Tier: 3

Infrastructure Type: Subway

Images not processing, I’ll try uploading them again later or I can show someone on the server

How many stations total are you planning on opening?

I have 2 built currently, 1 by the airport and 1 by the new stadium, and I plan to build another 8-10 to have 10-12 stations in total

After evaluation, we have decided to deny your application from lack of construction done on the interior of the station and the stairwell leading down to your two stations.

Also, the airport station looks difficult to see when it is just a 4x2 hole in the sidewalk. Perhaps adding some fences/iron bars or different blocks on the outline or something that makes it stand out that there is a subway right there. Overall just not enough progress done on the stations for tp buttons to be added ATM.

That’s fair, I will add more detail inside the subways and their surrounding areas and then make a new application.