Orlando International Airport

City Name: Orlando

Owners: dewanalam55

Coordinates for Transport Items: -1752, 71, -1324

Land Value: ~F15000 (City pricing F5/block)

Tier: 3

Infrastructure Type: Airport



We’ll review your application

Hello, your airport has been approved! Contact an admin to connect to the HMIA.

Let me know what airport item you would like for the HelloMiners International Airport and the color of the text:

Also, did your airport once work before? I noticed there were signs for connections to the HelloMiners International Airport and Montego Bay North. Let me know because in this case you won’t have to pay for a connection as it should have been readded with the current airport system we have.

I would like to have a glowstone block as the icon please, with green text if possible. I didn’t have any connections before, those are just there for the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did the old government airport used to connect to Orlando? I was told that it once had a connection.

If not, I would like to add that Orlando is not a tier 3 city since you might be referring to the old tier system, which was condensed from 15 tiers to 6. This would make Orlando a tier 1 city and if didn’t have a connection before, you’d have to get to Tier 2

No, it never had a connection. What else do I need to make Orlando a T2 city?

100k blocks is the same thing as 500k in land value

For now though, you can connect your airport to other private cities like Monbay, but the HMIA connection is for tier 2 only.