One decade later

A few of you may know me, however this is not the time for introductions.

According to my join date via the HelloClan website, today marks 10 years since I had joined this community. I wouldn’t have stuck around if it weren’t for a few key individuals that I have come across over the past 10 years, not in any particular order.

killerstar8865, sgtsurfinbyrd, CommandoBeta, AlexIsTurnt, and Jenica, to name a few.

It has been one hell of a ride. While I may not come around as often as I once did, I still plan to check in every once in a while. If there is anyone, who may have played with me over this past decade that would like to remain in contact on a more frequent basis, just let me know or send me a message via Discord, I do have it on my phone.

It’s been fun, I will catch everyone on the flip side.