[Official] Staff October Q&A Thread

Hey everyone, this is the first official HM Q&A for admins and staff. Staff have the right to not answer any question thought inappropriate or for any other reason. Players will have one week after this topic is posted to submit their questions below and after that week this topic will be locked and staff will compile a list of answers to your questions in a separate topic.

You may ask anything to staff members, you may ask to either the admin team or the moderator team. Questions asked may be anything about the server, staff team or future plans. Nothing is really off limits.

Updates, gameplay, economy, minigames, events, controversial topics, rule clarification, fourms, suggestions, departments, crates, dungeons, shrines, general balance… You can ask literally anything. We are asking that players limit their amount of questions per player to one, however if you have multiple valid questions feel free to post them and we will try to answer them for you.

Please include who are you addressing the question to: Admins/Mods/Specific staff member in your question.

If this is successful we will try to do this monthly. We cannot guarantee your question will be answered but will try our best to do so.


Question deadline is October 3rd.

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First off I just want to say that I really have no idea what’s gone on in the server over the past few years so I don’t know if this has really been addressed. I have asked about how the end got deleted. I understand it had to do with the server drama, but why haven’t we gotten compensation for regions there? I had over well over 200k invested in the end and it was all just deleted. I asked this in chat before and got no clear answer and I think some staff member said nothing was going to happen. I don’t think that is right. Can this be discussed?

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Why should regions within 120 blocks of government cities follow the government cities inactivity rules. These regions shouldn’t have to follow government city rules; what is the reasoning behind this?

For some reason this topic keeps disappearing so I’m gonna reply here

Why is selling back land half the price you bought it for if you bought it after the change?


Great question, it does deincentivise buying land

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At this point this is player q&a

If you read the topic we are waiting until the topic closes so we can answer them all at once in another topic.

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Why is sussy among us event on my dads birthday

What about follow up questions?

probably going to keep the answer topic unlocked for awhile so people can post and staff can reply

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I have 2 questions.

  1. What is the general staff opinion on award companies like Horizon Awards.
  2. Are staff aware they’ve been nominated for Horizon Awards?

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