[Official] Staff Applications 2023

Hello everybody, its probably quite clear by now that we could use a little extra help around here. I wanted to open up applications to allow anyone to apply for a staff role regardless of a nomination. In the past and currently, the HM Staff team usually suggests a name of a player and we vote on them for staff. For this thread we are going to allow you to nominate yourself for staff and then we will vote based on your submission.

If you are applying for a staff role, please let us know a little bit about yourself and why you think you’re the right fit. Knowing a bit about the backend of a server is a huge plus as well as coding with denizen. I’m not really sure what to expect from this topic. Applications are open for the trial-moderation team with the possibility of moving upwards.

All nominations will be voted on by staff for consideration. No reason for rejection is required, however you will be contacted if selected in 1-2 weeks.

[Official] -FakeApp, I don’t wanna be staff. Just give me mod perms for ma city.

Listen, I need staff because I believe that I can be a perfect one based on past server experience, timezone that I have will also help. I also want it to help my city grow by having the ability to create/delete regions without having to wait for a mod that matches my timezone. (I will also help other cities don’t worry).

That’s it, for business inquires contact me on discord @abod.

*Forgot to tell that I helped solve a lot of bugs on the server, so I can be helpful with finding solutions for any bugs haha

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Hi I’m Camel. I think I could benefit the server by being staff. I have played Minecraft for many years and hellominers. I own Sunset Coast which is why I have played for so long and love playing ironball. I love the server and would love to help out.



I’d love to become a member of staff. I’ve been on HM for 7 years now and have formed good relationships with staff and players already. I’ve worked in a variety of leadership roles over the years and I’ve proved myself to be a hard worker. I’d also benefit from being an Australian player so that we’d have more coverage across time zones.

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Difficult one but here we go.

My name is Edgewurth. I’m not one to go into depth about my history as a player, but I’ve been around for well over 5 years here. Although probably relevant, but I have previously run the Infrastructure Department as a department head till around September 2021, been involved in the Events, Private City, Events, Ironball (when it wasn’t private), Social Media and Player Helper departments throughout various points of my HelloMiners career.

At present, I reside as the HelloClan City Suburbs Manager, the social editor for HelloClan (and HelloMiners), and the Events Department. I have also previously moderated a bungeecord server which had lasted around 2 years before the server owner needed to change his priorities for his funding, shutting down during 2020. I also have experience moderating the Nicochulo Cult, and at one point helped Ultra with the Sci-Fi Death Match by programming the basic kit giving command (if staff need the file or the filename, I can give it to them).

I’ve also ran Horizon Awards solo until 2021/2022 when I started to hire co-executive producers and assistants to help me manage and bring in new ideas for the company.


Hi there,

I’m Dylad. Yes, I have loads of punishments. Yes, I am rarely taken seriously, but I believe that I am a changed man and am absolutely what the server needs. I know the ins and outs of poor behavior (see 2017) and what punishments and responses are needed to curb such behavior in an individual.

I have recently become active again and, although I don’t have significant time available, it would be a lot of fun for me to be a part of helping the server flow smoothly.

I don’t have much to add. If you take this application seriously, contact me on discord and I’ll have a little bit more of a pitch.


If I become a staff member, can I gain all the money I gambled away back? :slight_smile:


If I become a staff member, can I gain all the money I gambled away back? :slight_smile:

goofy aah response

I was aah bein serious :wink: