[Official] Launching the Newer HelloMiners Wiki

So here it is…

…the new HelloMiners Wiki Project. Been in development since August 2023, and planning a month earlier. This has been a project of mine and @Luc’s, and something I wanted since I begun working on the Wiki.

All the old Miraheze wiki pages have been imported, and (the tedious part) all images transferred and cleaned up.

There (obviously) are some stuff still to do, and some issues to iron out, but I’m ready for a release (for the most part).

So, what’s changed?

Unlike the old wiki, we are more free to add and remove plugins as we wish, do changes easily, and various other features, such as:

  • Logins now being shared with the Forums (this very website).
  • A custom theme (Still WIP, but an early version is on the wiki as default).
  • Minor Under-The-Hood changes, which optimise the Wiki
  • Visual Editor is 100% now by default, and mostly works.

And the known issues?

As these issues get fixed, we will remove them, and add ones as we discover them.

  • Firstly, the main navigation issues have been fixed.
  • Some Templates do not have ‘Template Data’ avalible in the Visual Editor.
  • All the transferred pages (prior to 2024-01-02T22:00:00Z) do not count towards the Statistic on the front page, and are marked as Orphaned. This, while is a major bug, does not comprimise the usability of the wiki.

So, where is the new Wiki?

Well, currently the Wiki link in the toolbar (as of time of writing this document) is outdated, as is @Herdie’s link.

You can find the new wiki at https://wiki.hellominers.com.


damnn that domain expired ages ago completely forgot about it lol

Third iteration now I believe of the HMWiki project and it’s looking amazing, congrats so far.

Thank you.

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