[Official] Companies Plugin: We need your input

Hey everyone,
After many years it seems like we’ll finally have a business plugin (thanks Ultra).

We’ve already come up with a bunch of tiers that can be given automatically like access to an exclusive penthouse with warps for the top tier companies. However we’ve come to the conclusion that this is not enough to justify spending a lot of money on upgrading to top tier. That’s why we decided to look at it in the same way we look at cities, perks and rewards that require an admin typing some command or giving some item.

That’s why we’re asking the business owners of HM what you’d like to see in the plugin.

For the record shared company chestshops is not possible for now sadly.

Some suggestions I’ve come up myself with are:

  • increased amount of drinks a brewery can have per tier.
  • We have the option for a helipad somewhere in the new rules. It’s never been used before though, likely because of the price and the time limits. What if we made that a top tier reward as well?

We want to make this plugin as desirable for you guys as possible so you actually use it rather than having it be tested by a few only to stay dormant afterwards.

Below is a draft setup for the 6 company tiers. Players can purchase companies for F20,000 and the upgrades are meant to be things that benefit all players in a company. Warp Monopoly is a penthouse with a DJ, small pool, monopoly only vehicle and drink shop (just a few items) using vehicle tickets as a currency for now unless we want to make a monopoly currency item. Keep in mind we are not entirely happy with the prices below and anything can change before launch. We really really really need feedback on the below tiers. - ultra


Keep in mind, the company bank and vaults are like enderchests/banks you can access from anywhere, at any time. Anyone can contribute, or withdraw within the company. We can change it so only promoted members can withdrawl but its something im working on right now. Company headquarters is literally a sethome for the entire company. The biggest concern is we need more perks. Chat-Prefix for monopoly tier might need to be removed.

Silence means you’re 10000% satisfied with everything thats above.


I think being able to set-up teleports with delay between headquarters → branch offices would be fun. Also maybe add a requirement to have a number off branches around the world in diff cities to upgrade?

Also maybe make a gov shop with diff prices and that only sells in bulk(nothing too op tho) that can be accessed only thru companies. Makes sense for companies to buy cheaper than regular people when doing big purchases (eg. minimum 10 stacks).


Not a fan of the bulk discount idea but the regional branch idea sounds like fun.

Like let’s say you have a regional warehouse and with like 5 locations or something you get a tp button to or from the warehouse.

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Hopefully they don’t get to sell for more money

Please post your responses below.

I still think F100k to startup a business is really crap for players. It needs to be around the F25k mark. Yes the higher tiers should get more and more expensive.


Everyone can do 25k to start a company and you can get that money in 1-2 days of working around. I believe the idea behind it is thats something difficult to get and you have to work hard for it.

Why does this postpay there is a 20k price to start up when it’s actually 100k?

out of date

Is there a reason this was changed?


lmfao am I allowed to know what it is or is that classified info

you can just view it in game, also i havent officially released companies yet lmao its just people are using it so its whatever