[OFFICIAL] Community Department Job Project Vote

Greetings fellow players! lately, the Community development department has started working on ways to help sustain new players, and one of the first things that came up in the department meeting, was jobs.
The department started working on new fun government jobs, and a mining job was chosen as the first one to be added.
Now obviously, a “Mining job” can be many things, and we all had different ideas, which is why we decided to let the community choose its own jobs!
These are the ideas we came up with:

Abandoned Mines:

Long ago a large cave had been discovered by a group of explorers. Miners and adventurers from all over the server came to explore and discover its riches. They found the further into the cave they went, the better and more valuable ores they found. But that came at a cost, monsters started to appear and the deeper into the cave they went the stronger the monsters were. Eventually, even with the help of adventurers, miners couldnt push forward due to the difficulty of the monsters. Legend has it one party of miners and adventurers made it to the deepest part of the cave, but there was one problem… There was a powerful boss waiting for them. The party was wiped out almost immediately and eventually they all lost their lives. But who knows, this is just a legend after all… right?

a cavern, going deep underground, filled with ores and monsters. the deeper you go, the stronger and rarer they get! a mini boss will spawn every few hours at the bottom of the deep caves, drooping extra loot.

Mine Rush:

Keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times and get ready to mine as you ride! Try to mine as many ores as you can within the limited duration of the ride. Keep watch, because valuable ores can be anywhere! the ride will not stop until it is finished. Good luck miner!

you will ride a minecart through a tunnel filled with ores, having to mine them as you go! stopping or slowing down is impossible until you reach the end of the mine.

Ore Island:

Ore here, ore there, ore is everywhere on Ore Island! Once you arrive at Ore Island you will have only a few minutes to mine all the ore you can! Explore and search for valuable ores, for all you know they could be here there or anywhere on Ore Island.

you will spawn on an island with ores hidden all around, there’s a set amount of time for you to mine, until you get teleported out.

Con: only one player at a time.

Mine Rush with Abandoned Mines:

You do the full Mine Rush, then enter the Abandoned Mines

  • Abandoned Mines
  • Mine Rush
  • Ore Island
  • Mine Rush with Abandoned Mines

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Voting will close in a week, feel free to give feedback regarding any of the ideas/the project!


Im sorry but Ore Island and Mine Rush kinda the same thing(I see those two on even bridging servers lol), and Mine Rush sounds like hypixel skyblock. However, I like the idea of Ore Island w/Abandoned mines. Why didn’t you include that :frowning:

Question, will this replace cargo port? Because like all of the ideas above are pretty superior in terms of roleplay.

Do u mean like abandoned mines but you have a timer on how long you can stay?

it will not replace cargo port, we’re just adding more :p. also yeah, the point of these new jobs is to be fun roleplay jobs for new/old players.

also, could you explain your idea a little more :p?

also ore island is an island you can walk around freely looking for ores, mine rush is a tunnel with ores where you go really fast and if your not mining fast enough you cant get them :p.

so its not really the same ;-;

Yea basically

Will these have the same money cap as cargo port? It seems kind of a bad idea for for a job such as cargo port and one of the above to be able to each make 15k a day?

My idea was to put like a 5 minuite timer on mining ores on an island, however, there would be a cave and if you went further into the cave you would find more valuable ores. For example like clay on the surface of the island, then copper, iron, gold, emeralds, and diamonds in the caves.

if the department manages to implement more roleplay jobs (for example, through this mining job that we hope to have made more entertaining than the traditional methods of money-making), I personally hope that it could replace these jobs but it wasn’t indended to replace them

I do agree though that it needs to be addressed, I think with a larger variety of roleplay jobs, we should certainly be looking to remove the jobs that facilitate the feel of grinding throughout the server, because then players would choose to pick it as a more profitable job but then lose out of entertainment (and therefore the want to keep playing), goes against the very purpose of why a job like this os being considered

the problem with that is, that I’m not sure it’ll be possible to have a timer start and stop based on location, we could have an open area before the mines though, where you can mine things that get you less money but without monsters, with the option of entering the more dangerous and more profitable mines

Im sure a timer can be added via command blocks because Cheerio had done it before with a quest.

cant edit the poll ;-;