New to Hellominers? Check out this post about starting a business.

Welcome to Hellominers, you’re probably wondering what to do here and that’s why I’ve decided to write this neat little guide to help you get started.

First of all, you need to understand that Hellominers is a unique server that is unlike all other city/economy roleplay servers. Where most servers will automatically give you a job to choose from, Hellominers doesn’t. Our economy is mostly based on companies and cities owned by players. Yes, that’s right, you can start your very own city on this server if you work hard enough, you can even turn it into a nation and have multiple cities under your control!

Basically, if you want to make money on this server there are two ways to go about it:

Grind and sell to the government.

While definitely not the most fun thing to do on the server, this is a very consistent way for players to acquire their first capital. Pretty much every player on this server started out this way. You can mine at places like the resource world or the cargoport at /warp jobs. If you’ve grinded enough money you’ll be able to buy a plot in a city to build and start your own business on and that’s where the real fun starts. Of Course, you can also continue to sell to the Government Trade Center in Helloclan City but this can get boring real quick.

Starting or joining a company.

You either need to join a company as an employee or start your own business (with your friends). So how do you start a business on HM and which industries should you be starting in? In this post I’ll explain everything :wink:

These are the industries on Hellominers right now.

  • Real Estate
  • Design
  • Retail
  • Food and Beverages

Real Estate.

Buy a plot, build a nice designed house on it (or mansion) and try to sell the house for a profit. This business is rather risky, especially if you don’t know which cities are popular right now but it can also be highly rewarding if you do it right. Mansions in the highly esteemed city of Meridian for example can go for over 400,000 forsals.

Another way to get involved in real estate is building an apartment building in a good city. Rich and established players do not need apartments as they usually have their own bases or buildings but new players like you often need an apartment when they start. So if you can find a nice plot in a popular city and if you build good looking apartments that are furnished you can try to get newly joining players to rent your apartment.

The maximum amount of money you can charge per month for an apartment is currently capped at 2500F. If you rent out 20 apartments that can easily build up to 50,000f in passive income a month.

Keep in mind though that there are rules in the apartment industry, you can’t rent out an apartment that is 10 by 10 blocks for 2500f as the server rules state that you can only ask 10f per block so in the case of a 10 by 10 apartment that’s 1000F.

Design and Building.

Of course, designing and building a nice building can take quite a lot of time, and many rich players don’t really want to bother with spending that time building. So if you’re a good designer or if you know how to use Litematica (a mod to help you build a design that was already made into this server) you can charge a lot of money.

There are currently 2 building companies on Hellominers that are heavily understaffed and often even come up with discounts where they won’t take a percentage of your job but you can also just start your own design and building company. If you have the skills and want to put in the time, this industry can make you rich.

Keep in mind though that a lot of these jobs require litematica and that the builds can be very large and detailed but if you have no problems with that, go ahead and conquer the building market.


Shops are the lifeblood of this server’s economy, because no matter which industry you are in, you’re likely going to need materials to build your buildings and that’s where shops come in.

While historically being an industry with an incredibly low profit margin, you can make a lot of money from it if you manage to do this right. In the history of Hellominers there have been companies that made over a million forsals a month in sales and profits with 6 digits.

If you’re choosing to start in this industry make sure to get an idea of what the market requires right now. A lot of newcomers make the mistake of starting a basic shop selling iron, gold, diamond and cooked beef, as the server already has hundreds of these shops they often don’t make it and close business in no time.

You’ll be better off if you focus on a niche within the market. Some examples are: Slimefun dusts and tools, redstone components, enchanted books and concrete.

If you get yourself a nice plot close to a city airport and if you keep your shop well stocked and advertise it you’re likely to generate a lot of business :wink:

Plus, if you let people in chat know that you’re looking for a plot to start a shop on city owners will often come to you with offers, discounts and even free plots as businesses are vital to cities.

The food and beverages business.

So vanilla Minecraft doesn’t really have a wide array of foods. Luckily this server has a couple of plugins that bring some much-needed spice to the food market. You can make over 30 different kinds of foods like fries, Shepherd’s pie and even coconut curry. Along with that, you can also make alcoholic drinks like beer, vodka and cocktails. Check out this guide for that.

The slime fun foods are superior to vanilla foods as they restore more hunger and you can eat them faster.

However, Slimefun foods can take a bit of work to make and that’s why people are willing to pay a little more for it. You can easily charge 70f for a stack of fries compared to 20f for a stack of vanilla cooked beef.

If you’re choosing to go down this path it’s smart to use the auction house to sell food globally. You should also look into renting stalls at places with high traffic to sell food at as stalls are often quite cheap to rent and you won’t need to invest upfront into getting a plot and a big building.

While the margins of this industry can be better than average retail the volume of sales can be low. That’s why you should make sure to advertise your business and be at places where people shop a lot. Personally, I managed to make over 30k a month in sales from just selling alcohol.

These are the major industries on Hellominers as of right now, I hope you found this information useful and wish you the best of luck with your new venture :wink:

~ Satan
CEO of Teslo Inc. and Vice President of the United States of Sodom.