New Staff Role: Developer

Hey everyone!

I am excited to share that there is a new staff position that we have starting now! The new developer role is something that I have been thinking about for quite a few months. We are looking for players to support us in developing new content for and shaping the future of the server.

This new division of the staff team will interface directly with admins and technicians to develop content for the server. Whether it be testing out potential new plugins, writing denizen scripts for quests, items, or mobs, or even supporting main server and community development.

It is important to highlight the following: Developers do not have the responsibility to complete helpmes. Developers also do not have a direct say in staff discussions. Developers are a separate branch of staff from the Trial-Mod/Mod roles entirely.

What are your duties?

  1. Work with direction from the technicians and admins to develop denizen scripts for events and quests. Your scripts will go through code reviews throughout the development process.
  2. Implement and test plugins on the dev server.
  3. Work with the staff team to develop new event ideas for the server.
  4. Ensure dev server remains operational during use.

What will you get?

  1. Depending on your current duties, access to the developer mode permissions on the main server to support main testing or development.
  2. Access to the HelloMiners Development server as your sandbox for content creation and testing.
  3. Access to the dev server web-panel console, where you can add and remove plugins, restart the server, and debug issues.
  4. 40%-off personal discount code for the server store throughout your time as developer once the store is updated later this month.
  5. Additional compensation will be discussed later.

How do I become a developer?

  1. Contact myself, Vikron, or any other admin/technician in-game or via discord.
    Note: Be sure to have some sort of experience prepared. If you have anything to show that you have experience, please do share it with us
  2. If the upper staff team recognizes a player’s potential to develop positive change in game and in the community, an invitation may be extended via dm.