New Server and Community Rules are Live!

Hi Everyone,

This has been a long time coming - the new server rules are now completed and are live! There is a small possibility that minor wording changes are made in the next day or so, so please be aware of that. I am going to highlight a few noteworthy items below.

Under Property Rules:

· Scamming through intentional misrepresentation, lying, misleading someone else, etc. is not allowed.

· It is not allowed to scam or take advantage of new players.

· New players are defined as any player who first joined the server within the last 60 days.
· It is not allowed to give a loan to a new player who cannot reasonably be expected to repay the loan on time.
· It is not allowed to coerce or mislead a new player into making them pay you their starting balance.

We are now putting a larger emphasis on protecting our new players as they learn the ropes on this server, and we believe these additions will help to do so.

Under Common Sense and Other Rules:

· Punishments made using the common-sense rule will automatically be considered as precedence for any future instances of the offence.

The above has always been a given here, however now we will be adding a section to the forums to place precedent bans where the punishments weren’t explicitly defined previously. This will allow people to review past precedent bans to ensure they do not make the same mistake.

Under Land Value:

· Wild: F10 per block in surface area to purchase from the Government, F5 per block in surface area to sell back to the Government.

· Government Cities: F50 per block in surface area.

· Private City: F5 per block in surface area.

· When starting a private city, city owners must purchase at least 50 000 blocks in surface area.
· City owners will be required to pay F10 per block, however, once the city has been approved, they can request a refund of F5 per block of surface area.

The Wild land buy price has been upped from F5 per block to F10 per block! The sell price will remain at F5 per block to ensure that the value of currently owned land remains unchanged. Government city land is F50 per block in surface are, while the price per block for private cities remains at F5. In the case where a new private city is being created, the owner will need to pay the full F10 per block until the city is approved. Once approved, they will receive a 50% refund for their city.

Under Apartments:

· The minimum rent duration allowed for an apartment is 30 days.

· New players may only rent apartments.

· A new player is a player who joined the server within the last 60 days.
· In Government cities, new players may not be charged more than F12 per month per block of apartment floor surface area.
· In private cities, new players may not be charged more than F10 per month per block of apartment floor surface area.
· A new player may not be charged more than F2500 for apartments of any size or rental duration.

The Price limit on apartments for new players has been upped to F2500 for any rent duration, with the minimum allowed duration being 30 days. In Government cities, players can charge F12 per month per block of apartment floor surface area, while In private cities, new players may not be charged more than F10 per month per block of apartment floor surface area - up to the F2500.

Under Lag Rules:

· Cargo networks may not contain more than 100 storage containers.

· It is not allowed to use any method to ensure chunks are permanently loaded.

· It is strongly encouraged to use barrels in place of chests wherever possible, and display blocks by physically placing them instead of using item frames.

These new lag rules do not grandfather any pre-existing regions or machines, and will be enforced by staff. Please let us work together to reduce lag where possible, so that everyone can have a fun playing experience.

Under Government Cities:

· Government city plot limitations:

· Players may not be listed as an owner or member on more than five plots in each government city.
· Government City maximum plot size:
· River City, Valley City, and Crystal Bay: 1225 blocks
· HelloClan City (and its districts): 2500 blocks

Players are no longer allowed to be listed as an owner or member on more than five plots in each government city, and government city plots now have a maximum allowed size. Existing plots are grandfathered into the new rule, however new plots cannot be purchased by owners who are in excess of the 5 plots unless they reduce to below the maximum.

· Plots in government cities are not allowed to contain resource-intensive farm or redstone machines, mob/villager farms of any kind, or slimefun contraptions aside from elevators and holograms

· If found, the redstone machine or slimefun contraption may be broken, and the mobs may be removed without compensation.

In an effort to reduce lag further, players with existing redstone and slimefun contraptions on government city plots must relocate them outside of the government city. The same applies to mob/villager farms of any size.

Under Regions:

· Regions may not be created within 200 blocks of a city. (Both private and Government)

· Regions within 200 blocks of a private city that predate the city are not allowed to expand their existing region.
· Inactive regions within 200 blocks are treated as new regions to prospective buyers; in the event a player would like to buy it, the 200 block rule applies.

· It is not allowed to buy land over a large body of water, like lakes and oceans, unless building something reasonably expected to occur in a body of water.

· For example, buying land over water to build a boat, dock, or protect the coastline is permitted, while buying land over water to build a building that floats on or above the water is not permitted.
· If land is being purchased to construct an island or extend the coastline, the land must be fully terraformed and made to look natural.
· Guardian and Squid farms should be submerged under water, with exception to already existing farms - If the farm is sold to another player, the new owner must make changes to comply with the rule. Farms for other mob types are not permitted to be built in bodies of water.
· These rules do not apply to small bodies of water, like ponds.

In order to protect and prioritize city growth, private regions within 200 blocks of any city, government or private, will no longer be permitted to expand their size. Regions outside of the 200 block radius are unaffected by this change. Additionally, inactive regions within 200 blocks of a city are treated as new regions to prospective buyers, and as such cannot be purchased without permission from the city owner. Finally, it is no longer allowed to purchase land over a large body of water unless the region owner plans on building something that can reasonably be expected to be found in that body of water, such as an island, oil rig, etc. This is to prevent large eyesores from being made over a body of water.

Under Punishments - Conduct Offences:

· If a player is found to be abusing entry deny and mob-spawning deny flags, all owners/members on the region will be fined F50,000 each.

· Entry-deny and mob-spawning abuse includes, but is not limited to applying entry-deny flags when they are not needed/allowed, removing the villagers/stables once the flag has been granted, buying an old city and re-purposing the land for private use, etc.

We are introducing a fine for players who actively choose to circumvent the rules regarding special flags on regions. Any person added to a region that is in violation of the special flag guidelines will be fined F50,000 each.

Under Punishments - Offences Involving Other Players:

· If a player actively partakes in scamming a new player (whether with an item or loan they cannot reasonably be expected to repay):

· The new player will be given back the money scammed, plus an additional F10,000 from the offender as compensation.
· The offender will be banned for scamming.

Again, this has been put in place to protect new players who have not yet become acclimatized to the markets and economy within our server.

Under General Ban Sentence Information:

· Probation may be applied to a player who is unbanned before the end of their ban time.

· Players on probation will receive a suffix [P] in-game.
· Players on probation will be banned again for the duration of their original ban plus for their new offence, if they break any rule or receive an official warning during their probation period.

Probation has now been officially included in the server rules, with the information surrounding it being found above.

It is important to also mention that players receiving bans greater than 6 months will not be automatically unbanned after the 6 month period. Players can still appeal their bans after 6 months, but will no longer be guaranteed an unban before the end of their ban time. If they are unbanned, they will be placed on probation for the remainder of the ban time. In the case where a permanently banned player is unbanned, the probation time will be decided by staff.

I hope this information is helpful for everyone to understand some of the major changes made to the rules.


I find it kind of crazy that you need half a million forsals to make a town. Even if you get 250,000 back that still makes that town completely unprofitable unless you have the luck of a lottery winner. You are never gonna sell 250,000 forsals worth of land. Also what is the reason for new players to only be able to rent apartments?


The reason new players can only rent apartments is the same as it was years ago when the rule was created - we don’t want new players being deceived into thinking an apartment worth most of their balance is a good investment for them to purchase.

As for the cities, cities are meant to be an end-game task. A new player shouldn’t be able to make a city right away, and we are far beyond 30k cities that were the norm 7 years ago. This also encourages people to buy inactive cities if they are truly that interested in starting a city early. If you can’t afford to invest in a new city right now, you can either buy an inactive one or continue to build up your balance so that you can create your own.

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I’m pretty sure they are allowed to buy an entire plot, but for apartments, they can only rent


Am I allowed to rent out houses using the same parameters of the apartment rules? I have a few different houses and apartments for new players and I find they perfer the houses when I have them available.

I too think it’s a little ridiculous, I’ve been playing for 7 years and just started accumulating land for a city, I only had 150k left to go but now I have to come up with another 400k. Sum bullshit


Yeah the whole paying back money seems pretty stupid to me :confused: I also think upping the price to claim land is kind of unnecessary. The people who made these rules have millions and millions of forsals so it probably seems like nothing lol. It just makes it so only the mega rich can make towns, and that just makes them even mega richer. Just a thought lol


Really I can’t reiterate enough my opposition to the new land rules. As Mea said, these rules were indeed written by higher class players and don’t represent a lot of the players. My work with SUD may be sacrificed as the land value doubling makes it incredibly difficult to buy land for my highways.

And if a stated defence of this is because it makes private cities more difficult to open, that’s quite ridiculous. Land value was never the issue - the quality and accessibility of the cities have been. I think it’d be better if you updated cities to be “themed”, where they must be well designed and semi-realistic. Upping the land value only reduces the amount of funds players can put into creating a beautiful city.

Once again, this is a show of support for higher class citizens and is spitting on lowbal users.

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Can not agree more.

If you put it under private city roads which it is… then the land becomes the same 5f. The 5f rule was never meant to be overly cheap in the first place. 2013 it was 5f and the top bal was 300k. That is not the current situation.

Granted it’s true that these new rules have made it harder for new cities to start, it is also kind of the goal. The current procedure of paying 500K and receiving a 250K refund will likely be reviewed and changed, but the overarching goal was to clean up small, inactive cities that litter the map currently. We don’t want to make it easier for people to start a city and then give up on it, which has lead to the current problem.


Does this mean I can get the 100% of the 252k of the land I paid for my city before the 500k rule and 50% back or not upon approval this september?

Lets say you spent 252k. That land is now valued at 504k. However, since you bought pre 10f land you would not get a refund.

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Do we need the full 500,000 for a city or because we are getting a refund do we just need 250,000? In other words do we need to buy the land before making it a city and getting the refund or can we buy the land and make the city all at once therefore only needing the 250,000?

As it currently stands, if you are starting from scratch you need to buy the land at F10. Once you have gotten the city approved you would get 250K back, or if the land is greater than 500k you would get half of the value back. Once the city is approved, all expansion land will be F5 per block.

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