New Premium Release!

| Trial-Mod ~Satan » do we have the new premium already?

| ~Grey » Is premium worth it?

| ~MisterStark » they really need to bump premium ones

| Trial-Mod ~Satan » Premium isn’t worth it, they stripped it down to having 5 homes, no further benefits

And that goes on and on…

Well, I’m happy to announce premium users are finally getting the premium they deserve!

Say hello to the all new, HelloMiners premium menu!

The Main Menu

This is the main page, accessible using the /premium command.
The options are as following: Morphs, Skin Switch, Vision, Hat, Fake Blocks, Music, And Effects.

The Morphing Menu

The Morphing menu consists of 2 pages, and a block morph menu. simply click on the morph you’d like, or return to player form ;p.

The Skin Switch Menu

Skin Switching is done using a sign gui, click the skin switch option in the main menu and input any valid player name, or your own one :p.
Notice that skin switch may not work if you input an online player’s name.

The Vision Menu

The Vision menu consists of 1 page, with 4 mob vision options, click any option to apply the corresponding vision, or the remove option for the default one ;p.

The Fake Blocks Menu

The Fake Blocks menu consists of every full block in the game, simply click on one to temporarily transform the area around you!

The Music Menu

The Music menu consists of several different songs added/removed by Admins, simply click on any song to play it, or the stop button to stop ;p.
Note that currently songs are chosen by staff, premium users may offer songs in DM’s

The Effect Menu

The Effect menu consists of 9 unique particle effects, some show once you move, and some are constant :p.

Bugs / Issues

If you encounter any bug with the menu, please report it using #administration:report-a-bug-problem , report-a-bug channel on discord, or DM it to me.

Take notice that this is purely cosmetic, and doesn’t effect the actual gameplay, if you find a way to exploit/abuse any of the options for profit, money gain, bypass of any rule, etc, please report it to me in DM’s right away.

Although the menu is complete, we aren’t a stone wall ;p, if you have any suggestions/ideas, feel free to DM them and they will be considered!

Thank You

Huge thank you to luc, for approving, testing, giving feedback, suggesting, letting me spam his DM’s with progress reports, and implementing the premium menu!


woo! go denizen!

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Damn we need some chase Atlantic in that music tho

You can suggest songs by DMing :p.