Netherlands vs England (Euro 2024 Live Watch Party)

The British Bar, located in the basement of the Blockazon Building at West City, is pleased to welcome Netherlands and England fans to a live watch party of the football match this Wednesday 2024-07-10T18:00:00Z2024-07-10T22:00:00Z!

Whilst membership is usually open to British players, entry to the venue will be free this Wednesday and you are welcome to attend and enjoy the match. We will have the big screen up, food and lots of alcohol for you to enjoy.

There will also be security present to ensure things don’t get too rowdy and fireworks aren’t set off.

To visit us, head to /warp a and ride the taxi to West City. Look for the building won the square with the Blockazon mapart logo and head to the elevator inside in the corner to reach the basement below. See you there!

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ey up lads lets go innit

in all seriousness I will try and be there, or be square

Hope the English will behave after the Dutch beat em

People being confused as to why I’m running away from HelloMiners both In-Game and on Gov on 10 July 2024 for about 24 hours (I don’t like football)