Narnia Foundation Day Ball

To the People of Hellominers,

The Royal Family of Montego Bay gladly invite you to Narnia’s Foundation Day.
On the 16th of July of 2023, the territories of Lilac Bay, Olympus, Port June and Europa shall be united under a single banner.

Behold, for the Kingdom of Narnia shall be born anew, serving under the Montego Bay Empire, with King Narwhals of Narnia being the new Crown Prince of Montego Bay.

Together, we shall strive for greatness, and having your presence on such a happy occasion would be greatly appreciated.

The party shall take place at Narnia Palace in Europa at 6pm UTC.

This date has been changed due to time restrictions.

There will be a series of games with RARE PRIZES for the winners!

  • Games will include Parkour, A Quiz Game, A Boat Race, and two game modes I have created called Castle Crisis and Elimination Iron Ball.

  • The RARE PRIZES will include the Ranger, Phantom, Yeti, Yijki, and Supreme Armor sets that were only available to donors in 2020!

All who attend both in game and through discordsrv-chat will be entered in a raffle for several other mystery prizes!

We sincerely hope to see you at the event!

Best regards,

His Royal Majesty,