My congratulations, also hello HelloMiners!

I have to admit…

I’m quite impressed with how well Discourse works for HelloMiners. It’s actually quite clean! My sincere congratulations on the new forum software, it’s a massive improvement and honestly it was long overdue for such an upgrade.

It’s very well done and I’m very proud of the accomplishments here, it’s great to see that HelloMiners is headed in a positive direction!

I parked this topic here because it didn’t feel like an announcement…and there isn’t a “General” section (unless I couldn’t find it), so I think I’ll own up to the actual category as well;

Hello HM community,

I’m Shaun aka IceSkater and I’m from the OG side - HelloClan ( for the new people out there). I may not be an actual HelloMiner’s player or a Minecraft player in general actually, but I have always kept tabs on what’s happening here so I know about all the ups and downs this community has faced. Call me a…silent observer.

To that extent, it seems that the Hello communities share one other thing (besides the name) in common and that is that both are profoundly resilient. Both have been in the ring a few times and yet both still stand. It can be argued that they stand because of the people committed to maintaining them - the staff / leadership - but in truth, they still stand because of one aspect - the players.

I know this might sound hollow or cheesy, but I’ve never in my life seen communities as resilient as that of Hello’s. To the staff of HM, you can be very proud of yourselves for keeping the machine oiled throughout the hardships and to the players that support HM, you are all part of something truly special. I’m sure some of you already know that but it had to be said. :slight_smile:

As I’m now back in the saddle at HelloClan, I intend to assist and support HelloMiners as best I can as I continue to grow things that side. I look forward to see what the future holds for both communities, but either way it will be interesting and quite fun!

I’ll be seeing you all around, especially for events that I’ll try join in!