Monthly Infrastructure Update - May 2021

Hello all. I want to start doing this, as I will be frequently doing major works to various infrastructure to the server, so here is the first update list. There still will be more frequent updates, but this will just be an information dump.

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Infrastructure Works

Roadworks & Road Maintainance

Valley City Highway (Highway B7)

We will be closing portions of the highway running through Valley City so we can perform works on widening and modernising the highway. This will be done in segments, as it runs through various locations. Affected locations include:

  • Valley City
  • Desert City
  • Argos City

Closure Brief

Nirvalis Highway & Swamp City Highway (Highway B6) - Update

We have temporarily suspended works on this highway whilst we plan how we want to go about with this highway. We’ve only achieved to add lighting and a new road surface, but we are aiming to widen it and tidy it up before the end of 2021.

Special Updates

Highway Naming Scheme

When I became head, one of the first things I pledged to do is to come up with a proper naming scheme for highways, identifying which tier, and which number it is. I will be releasing more details on this later on this month, as I don’t feel like the scheme is fully finalised, but the current Government Highway’s new ‘Naming Scheme’ names have been decided. Rather than sending an image, I’ve opted for a link as the image is a large file size, and is in 4K Resolution. The map is a bit rushed, so I will be uploading an better version of it later on with the full announcement.

The reason behind the fact I am announcing it pre-maturely is so I can gauge public opinion, and also the public knows that we are doing something about the confusing nature of highways right now.

Map containing Highway Names

Airport Rules & Other Infrastructure Rules

We aim for the rules to be finalised with the new server rules.

We’re Hiring!


We’re looking for a designer to join our ranks in a contracted, singular session. You will need to design an modern train station.

We need someone who can provide a portfolio of previous designs to me, is comfortable with large, modern design projects, and has the capacity to amend to the design as per my request.

I will direct message you with a task list if he approves the design.

Benefits of Task

  • Attribution on a credits wall placed near the structure.
  • High Pay