Modest Open-Concept Modern Home in Archendale Suburbs

Property Region: archsub30
Property City: Archendale
Property District: West Suburbs
Coordinates 3709, 83, 1024
Asking Price: F 14 000
Property Type: Detached Modern Home
Plot Dimensions: 13x13
Description: Small yet seemingly spacious modern house located on a 13x13 the desirable West wing of the Archendale Suburbs. Overlooking trees and residing on a quiet walk street, this property includes an open-concept kitchen and living area, with a staircase leading to a spacious bedroom decked out with plenty of storage. Only a short walk from the nearest nether portal, accessible through /warp cb . Pre-Furnished.

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Contact Fate#0845 on discord for further questions and price negotiations



This property is now listed for F 14 000

I see some inspiration from HEA’s property listing template ;p

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you bet :slight_smile:

Great home! Very well designed, I love it!

Just list it with HEA :v:

Ask @alfroda996 or @Edgewurth for more details :slight_smile:

3rd Edit: Should’ve read all replies before posting this :stuck_out_tongue:

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