Map Game!

So there’s a series on TikTok where you’re given a map with certain countries highlighted and you have to guess the theme, and I thought it would be fun to do a similar thing for HM Private Cities, so the first to reply with the answer to the map will win some sort of prize, and I’ll keep updating this til im bored. (feel free to submit your own as well)
First Map:

You don’t get given the city names, that’s part of the fun :wink:

Cities that are members of the Southern Union for Development

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Yeah Satan got it, I’ll post another tomorrow I have a good idea :wink:

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You know you can just draw what the map displays with a marker in paint. This map could be anything


Cake the map you cropped is like 80% of HM cities and a bunch of other irrelevant things included. if you wanted to do a map of SUD maybe include the whole Hm map, but put a red dot on all of the SUD cities

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here’s an Unmarked January 2021 HQ Image render of the Map of HelloMiners