Looking for building designers (High pay job)

Hey yall! I am in need of designers to design modern high rises for me.
More info:
I am looking for designs created on single-player/creative- this means you do not have to build anything in the game. You will need to be able to send over a schematic/litematica of the design!
I only need building “shells”- this means you do not have to do interior design on designs.
I am really looking for modern/ultra modern/contemporary/realism design for office/apt spaces that would vibe with a modern city or a beach city vibe

Pay will be negotiated upon consultation and I will pay good money for simple designs!

Hi! I’m willing to do the job :smiley:
Do you have some more requirements for me?
I can show you around my build server to show my previous work

I do not have exact plot size requirements, but they don’t need to be massive in width. If you have a few screenshots of buildings you have done you can attach them or I would be happy to see the build server.