Looking for a House/Mansion/Estate

Hello to everyone who is reading this. I made this topic to express my interest in buying a residence/mansion. I don’t intend to rush with the purchase, will review each and every offer. My requirements are as follows;

  • The area must be at least 25x25 blocks, located inside a major city (Private or government) or on a private island.
  • The structure has to have all the essential rooms, a garden of some sort, a large area for storage (and a pool if possible, or at least space for one).
  • Its style should be modern, Meditteranean or medieval.
  • Its setting has to be away from any swamps, at least not visible from the house.
  • My budget is between 20-130k (subject to change (+) if an offer for an ideal house comes in).
  • Whether it’s furnished or not isn’t a problem for me.
    Every offer should come with a picture, plot name and city name (for personal revue), which can happen either below or in a private message. The offerer whose property I’m purchasing will be notified by PM, while the post will be edited for further updates.
    Thanks for your time!
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I’m hoping to have CB Estates auctions on the forums when 1.19 drops, just needs some more TLC.

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I’ve got time. We’ll see :3

Ashford might have a few estats for sale if you were interested in any

UPDATE; I’ve found an ideal property, so my search is over. Thanks to everyone who viewed this post!

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