Welcome To Lightworks
Liteworks is the servers leading construction and demolition company. Our team of highly trained contractors work to make your dream a reality.

How Does Liteworks Work?
Liteworks allows customers to pick from hiring our contractors or offical staff. Having a mix of offical builders and sub contractors helps us keep ticket times low and customers happy. If your wanting to have liteworks work on your next construction or demo project just click #ticket in our discord server.

What Jobs Does Liteworks Do?
Litworks does Builds,Designs,Demo along with interior design.

Join Liteworks Subcontractors:
Leave the job finding and customer service to us with Fulfillment by Liteworks (FBL). It’s the easiest way to reach players looking to have someone do construction or demo services. All workers in FBL must complete a build quality and demo quality test before being hired. To Join the Team today click #apply on our discord server. More infomation regarding payment can be found on the discord server.

Liteworks is proudly owned by:


Dear Liteworks Customers
Firstly I would like to appreciate every single one of you that voted for us in the Horizon Awards, we cannot thank you enough to see our work appreciated; as a service company we pride ourselves in our customer support and professionalism, unlike other companies we do not work for a large income but rather to support the player base of HelloMiners and support from all of you is our drive to continue our work.
Thank you,
The Liteworks Team


Job Description
Liteworks is looking to hire a Construction Worker. The ideal candidate will have experience with Litmatica. The individual would be coordinating all with customers through our discord to build their projects. Builders receive all the money that the builder is willing to pay. Liteworks Builders make 100% of the profits from each build.

NOTE:Builders have made 150k from just one job in the past