I've Decided To Leave.

Hello everyone, Pascalek27 here. If you had asked me 3/4 years ago if I would ever make a post like this I’d probably say a definite no. But, things change. I’ve been on Hellominers for almost 7 years now and it’s been a great ride. I was eleven years old when I joined and now I’m eighteen. I essentially grew up with Hellominers and it’s been there for all the ups and downs in my life. I made lots of great friends, many who themselves have left or are no longer active. I had lots of fun participating in events with you all and Building my admittedly very flawed business. But all good things come to an end. after a while Hellominers stopped being fun for me, people I knew left and I started thinking about moving on. I hope people continue to have fun on this server and continue to do incredible things. with all that said there are some people I’d like to thank, for making my time on Hellominers a blast

Iuoae. You’re inactive now, but I hope this message reaches you anyway. You introduced me to sycamore city and with that the most fun I’ve had in Hellominers. It was in sycamore that I started Pasid. I have so many fond memories of those days. You were always friendly and willing to help, even bending the city rules for me and KidG7 a little. I also remember the times me you and dingbat would just go out in the wild and explore crap good times.

KidG7. I don’t know if you’re active anymore but, you helped start Pasid and were there with me in the sycamore days. I remember building our two towers. looking back now they looked kind of crap. but man was it ever a good time. And despite you leaving Pasid me and you remained on good terms. I respect you and hope you’re doing well

Dingbat. You aren’t active either, but I still want to thank you. When Iuoae left you stepped up and became the mayor of sycamore. Bro the fun we had. I still remember that awkward moment of me elytring off of my tower and my elytra breaking and we miraculously landing in the pool of your mansion and us just awkwardly staring at each other for a solid 30 seconds. It’s a shame you left. But I hope you’re doing well

Theemy_Playz. Yeah we definitely didn’t get off on the right foot. to cut a long story short I stole your dirt and got banned for two months then I proceeded to have a hissy fit on the forums about it. What can I say I was 11 and dumb. But, I at least had the decency to apologise to you after the whole ordeal, so hey. And I’m glad we were on good terms afterwards. Don’t know if you’re still active but if you are thank you.

Destroyer_Playz. I actually still have a google calendar alert to pay back a loan to you hah. I think I did end up paying you back, but apparently I forgot to cancel the reminder so every valentines day I’m reminded to pay you back a loan that was payed back half a decade ago.

SrikarThecraft. I was probably not the best co-owner for Mv city, but I thank you anyways for bringing me on board.

DutchSquad. You got me my first apartment in HM! I remember, getting lost multiple times and you having to help me locate my apartment. Sorry about that. We did actually meet again a few years later in HM, and caught up. Thanks for helping my newby self all those years back

If there’s anyone I’ve missed and I know there is. Please comment. I’m not in the most aware state of mind at the moment, sleep deprivation and all. But I’d hate for anyone to be missed out. Anyway to close I’d like to thank everyone I’ve met and known on this server, for making my time on here so enjoyable, I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but my time has come. It’s time to end this chapter. I wish you all good luck. Cya.


Must admit I let out a little chuckle when you got banned for stealing dirt

Sad to see you go - enjoy your time away :laughing:

Yep, in hindsight it was really silly haha and the excuse I made was hilarious I said “Accidentally dropped it all in lava when going through a nether tunnel”. I wish I could find my old ban post but sadly this all happened in 2016 and with the new website and time passing, both my ban post and log have been scrubbed from the internet unfortunately. Such a shame it would have been quite a good laugh to go back and read that.