It's been fun...

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, I’ve not exactly been active. At all. This is mainly due to having other things on (such as a dissertation, turning 21 and an internship), however realistically I’ve also moved on. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to resign as technician, since I’m not sure the in-game badge is relevant anymore and frankly, I shouldn’t be making server desicions anyway due to how little I play.

I’ll still be lurking, and I intend to remain contactable by admins if the actual backend server needs fixing (although I’m sure they have everything under control).

Naturally, I’ve accumulated a lot of people to thank over the years, while I can’t remember everyone I’ll try and give as many as possible in a very vague chronological order:

  • Iuoae and PineyPiney, for getting me into this madness a stupid number of years ago (dec 2016, so 6 and a half now). If you’re reading this, it’s been a while, we should catch up irl sometime.
  • Gold__, for my first “wb”.
  • NCR, for utterly upstaging Plateau City by building Trongo right next to it.
  • Somfic, for creating the absolute hell of Bank of Miners and accidentally starting the whole bank craze: the security of that site makes me deeply ashamed, but we learn.
  • Whoever it was that let out that single chest at /warp c, starting my reign of vote key gambling (before anyone says anything, you could buy the old keys for F510 each and make a profit, I did the maths).
  • MissileGamer, for placing 45 individual command blocks for a Salem minigame which was played like once because it was nearly impossible to run while preserving your sanity (that’s still around I think, not sure it works).
  • SpartanPride, for giving me the absolute heart attack that is a mod promotion, along with everything else he did for events (especially HELL which were a tonne of fun, and he didn’t break everyone’s rares by dropping in a bunch of completely untested mobs, unlike some idiot who’s name rhymes with “eerios”).
  • Doodle, for conceiving and mostly building the jetpack quest.
  • Everyone on the events team for putting up with my repeated half-baked quest ideas. Sorry we never finished the HELL quest, I’m legitimately salty about that now I remember it.
  • Richie, for being the acid test of “is a boss strong enough yet”: I’m happy to report they were.
  • Anyone who got used as a floor wipe by my unconventional bosses, hope you learnt your lesson :wink:.
  • Anyone who got jump-killed by those godawful mimics, I’m deeply sorry.
  • Anyone who got one of the four multi-tools (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, if anyone remembers that)
  • Ultra, for being the absolute MVP of the staff team recently for so many different reasons.
  • Luc for sticking with me and bullying me into not resigning during the Magnus era, along with helping out with the recovery work both times that the shit absolutely hit the fan.
  • All members of the staff team past, present and future, for doing such an utterly thankless job and making everyone happier in the process.
  • Anyone reading this who honestly believes they made my life better, sorry I forgot about you.

Thanks for the amazing six and a half years everyone, and I wish everyone good fortune, both on server and with whatever else you choose to do!


It has been so much fun Cheerios, you are one of the best staff member I dealt with on HM. Thanks a lot for your service and support to the server, and have a great life :slight_smile:



wasn’t expecting to be reading this, but best of luck with your internship, life and future career. You were always there for the server whenever something broke, which as it turns out was rather frequently due to the servers age. Good to hear you’ll still be lurking though

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I wondered who created those mimics, those were the bane of my existance, terrifying.
Sad I wont be able to test out any more crazy mob designs you have come up with. See you Cheer, gl with your future!

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You were a great staff member, thanks for everything you’ve done for the community. I definitely appreciated you an incredible amount when we were staff together, as everyone who has ever been part of the community also should. And thanks for bearing with me through all my technical ineptitude… Good luck with your education and internship. :face_holding_back_tears::blush:

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Been a pleasure working with you all these years. Sorry about holding you hostage with me so long lol. I appreciate all your hard work, and especially the late night work/brainstorm sessions. It’s been a good run, best of luck! See ya around :slightly_smiling_face: :saluting_face:

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Sorry, I’m a little late, but thanks for your great work on the server! You’ve always been so positive and, even though it has been a while since we’ve worked together actively, I enjoyed every minute of it! Congratulations on all that you got going for you, and best of luck with all your future endeavors :slight_smile:

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