It seems the internet in general has been ddos-d

Twas nice knowing ya’ll, mc’s down, twitter’s down, discord’s down, instagram’s down, google’s down, yada yada yada

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Apparently AWS is having a bit of a tantrum, will probably be back up shortly.

bit late now but more likely to have been GCP (Google Cloud) than AWS… Last time there was a GCP outage it affected spotify and discord

Discord have migrated away from the cloud and are now using bare metal, but are likely still using GCP’s load balancing and Spotify are known for being single cloud and locked into GCP
According to this twitter also apparently use GCP for cold storage.

could be wrong though.

Just as I sent that GCP Status page got updated to show issues with Load Balancers

EDIT: Incident Page (now resolved) Google Cloud Status Dashboard

I stand corrected, was wondering why Amazon wasn’t dead if AWS was.

Wonder what caused this.

The world largest ddos attack was blocked in 7 seconds or something, I doubt the string and gum that holds the internet together has been brought down by such attack lmao