I'm looking for work

I’m Zeek05, I’m 17 and I live in the Pacific Northwest (PST). I’m looking for a job from any company on HelloMiners involving management, advisory or co-owner. I haven’t been on HM in a long while (partly due to the inactivity on the server side), but I will gladly rejoin for a job offer.

My skills are:

  • Team leadership and project management.

  • Communications and negotiation skills.

  • Public Relations and community management.

  • Technical knowledge in software design/programming (I am not looking for a job in this field but this is a qualification I have)

Some relevant experience I have:

  • ~3 years as a community moderator/staff for a programming blog with almost 200 followers.

  • 2 years as a project manager and management related to article composition/quality checking

  • Various small projects I have done on HM in my youth.

Please DM me on discord (Zeek#9476) if you have a need for any more information. It is my goal to help your company succeed.

Hello zeek!
Do you know how to use litematica?

I’m not interested in building jobs, sorry.