I'm actually fuming stop being twats

literally you guys denied fluffy’s appeal for literally no reason. IT’S BEEN THREE (3 if you need to know) YEARS.

no one can be arsed with ur secrecy and bullshitery anymore this is literally why the server is dying.

like a MAJORITY of people who interacted with the topic supported her being unbanned and that does actually translate to a lot of people on the server agreeing. it doesn’t take a steven hawkings

she was banned for a pretty sketchy reason by some randomass no one liked… actually make decisions in the interests of the server for once

idc what u think about this coz this is a good 3-4 years of pent up fumigations at you lot and this has really pissed me off.

Yours sincerely,
A really pissed off yorkshireman,



yez bestie


She was banned 1 year ago, not 3. She was banned in August 2020 and I remember it because most of the reasons she was banned were to do with me.

First of all when she played the age card in the appeal that meant nothing because last year she was just as bad with chat offences, I don’t know how you all got convinced she was banned for no reason for something in 2018? You can find the time in discord-srv chat and see that she was warned multiple times by mods to stop.

Sadly because of the forum change and ban list being removed you can’t find her ban and her ban topic is also unaccessable but I know around the time that she was banned, I called her, chicken and Jorbby out on their toxic chat and they responded by griefing a project (flooding a regioned area i was working on) and following me around illegally killing me.

I don’t know how the entire server got convinced that fluffy was an innocent changed player banned in 2018 because she was far from it.

She also bot attacked my discord lol

Ban page is right there :p.

Bans is back up now but it was down when she was banned and all bans since then are gone (i think? it’s not showing up)


She was unbanned since that, she played in Aug 2020

Oh, well you can still see some of her more recent punishments

less recent :stuck_out_tongue:

this is the only ban that still applies??

the original reason she got banned wasn’t justified. sure, she was being a bit of a knob when she came back and that stuff did deserve a tempban. they are 2 completely different things though. iirc I think she got unbanned accidentally when a bunch of others also got unbanned due to a mistake in the ban system. she clearly wants to play the server and whilst yeah I do assume she will be a bit of a troll at times I don’t think we, a server averaging 7 players online, should be keeping someone banned for shitty reasons

respect to arctic for this post <3 fluf isn’t all that bad i remember talking to her a while ago, she was nice and didnt deserve a perm ban whatsoever

The original reason was justified. She was sent a private ban topic due to the nature of the ban. She was accidentally unbanned because of unban system got all messed up. Also to date, I dont know of anyone who has been banned for committing similar offenses who has been unbanned. We have always had a zero tolerance policy towards sexual offenses and always will.

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I agree with you on a few counts. First of all why not give her another chance!? The server is averaging 7 players. The worst that could happen is you ban her again. If she says that she is more mature and ready to become a productive member of the community why not give her a chance! I know i’m rather new here but this is something I feel pretty strongly about. The worst that can happen is she gets banned again.
-A very tired ColbyLaFancyy


wasn’t it three years ago? and wasn’t a certain someone more to blame than fluffy herself? wasn’t it also a private conversation that both parties engaged in? sorry if I get any details messed up here (I haven’t spoken to fluffy in ages) but by keeping her banned you are actively doing nothing to justify that ban. it’s not even a prevention method of her doing it again, it’s just keeping her banned for the sake of it. she was 13. she’s now 16. she’s now presumably done her GCSEs, why keep her banned? she clearly won’t do it again. when it comes to her maturity and trolling, I mean she doesn’t deserve a perm ban for that either. griefing an unregioned project and illegal PVP is scummy sure and that may deserve a small ban but it’s not anything that would deserve a perm ban. honestly we’re just keeping people banned for the sake of it now, i’m also fuming

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She griefed a regioned project… also wasnt she banned in 2019 too for griefing Spider’s farm?

The farm was not deliberately griefed.

Spider hired fluffy to demolish something, who in turn subcontracted out the job to other players. Instructions were not passed on clearly and part of the farm that was operational and not meant to be destroyed ended up being demolished.

Spider should have subregioned the farm and only added fluf to the parts meant to be demolished.


it wasnt claimed lmfao dont lie and at the time wasnt against server rules

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even spider didnt mind when i msged him to say srry

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