I’m 10 years old


Now I don’t really remember what was my exact time for joining this server, but I remember I was 10 years old when I started playing (hence some very embarrassing forum posts that thankfully got wiped when we were hacked… conspiracy?)

I remember when it was around this time of the year that I started playing Hellominers, because it was just before my summer and I spent literally night, noon and morning playing HM. I was addicted, and I mean it.

It wasn’t until about 4th/5th year in Highschool that I stopped being an addicted little guy.

However now I’m 20 going into my third year of college. Which is crazy how time flies.

I come from a pretty rural part of Ireland, so when I was young it was very hard to travel to see my friends obviously. However having HM there was always great. Although I had my ups and downs with the server, genuinely loved it, and love all the people who I’ve met over the years.

Now that I’m older, I have college and all that fun stuff, so I struggle to find as much time to play HM. However, I love popping on every now and again to catch up on all the news.

It’s a great server filled with wonderful people. So a big thank you to all those players that guided me when I was young…
I probably forgot a load of people but these spring to mind…

Early Years

  • Wilkinator9
  • Kylew612
  • Bmattew (or formally known as xKingEpiXx) :wink:
  • KyleLawes
  • Dietnerb
  • Pebbles0224
  • BobBanana
  • Felipe98_
  • Skunkdonkey

My mid life crisis era

  • ArcticWinter

  • CommandoBeta

  • Aryan

  • Adu0123

  • Blueshdow2002

  • Felipe98_ (he invented an infinite money glitch where I’d buy plots in his city, go inactive and he’d evict me) * still happening probably to this day

  • Egor formally known as a “goat”

  • LunaticCultist (the dude with all those palaces)

  • HarriBear (goat)

  • Maki

  • MyNameIsSakura

  • GBT (great businessman cool dude)

  • SenseiSoni

  • Natedog (we’ve had a good few ups and downs but you were pretty chill)

  • Ghoat, known you since my KillerKing105 days, you’re always on during my time of day, and always down for some silly convos.

  • UltraPro you evicted me once from your city and I will hold a vendetta against you for the rest of your life. You’re a pretty nice dude as well

  • DrStevenStrange we talked a lot a good few years ago, haven’t seen you much lately but nice guy.

  • Cheerios, I like the cereal. The admin is pretty okay as well. (Good guy, good morals tells you to your face when you’re being an idiot. Respect)

  • AlexIsTurnt, probably started talking during my mid life period, I think I bought some assets from you (lakeside city). You were pretty cool. I was always intimidated by you during your Paradise Hills period. I thought you were a scary person lol.

Ender - absolute DAWWG

Nicho - met you near the end of my HM career, always super nice and friendly. I met you before your staff member days and always had a feeling you’d go on to be an admin. So I chose right, therefore am entitled to your rank.

TrumpVoter - man idk where you’ve disappeared to, but you were an absolute g and loved talking shit to you

Marc050301 - remember you were an absolute god to me growing up when you had Orubo. Chill dude, loved talking to you, sad I don’t see you much anymore

Scepticon - been super long, I can’t remember much but I only remember good things hahah,

KennethDec - one of the earliest people I’ve met on the server. We got into mega fights at the beginning from what I remember, but then became good friends. Chill dude wish I saw you more

Weather2Day remembered you for your constant adverts in chat. You’re a pretty awesome dude, built an incredible city. Loved talking to you.

My old man years

Cake - awesome enjoyed talking to you a lot.

Thendil - probably one of the people I talk to most on Hm, which is crazy since I haven’t spoken to you in like a month or two. Really enjoy talking with you.

Satan - Had a lot of convos with you over the past few years since you were always on around the same time as me. Pretty nice dude loved talking to you.

Dylad - I hated you so much, then I came to like you. You’re always out causing trouble, but wouldn’t the world be boring without it? I still take pride in getting you banned for like a week lol. Nice dude.

Binary/Herd, I see you got banned lol. Rip that. But you two are pretty cool guys, I’ve known you for a long time and think you’re an amazing part of this server

Hello_Miner/GamingFive probably one of my best friends from Hm, awesome dude.

Oza - if I can recall you worked on my board at some point? I hope so or I’m getting dementia, If this is corrext, you’re awesome and if it’s not correct you’re still probably awesome

RichieRich - scrolling through discord names list to see the people I know, how did this name possibly split my mind? No idea. I originally remember meeting you after Bmatt invited me to HYDRA. I remember being in awe of you from day 1 lol. I remember thinking this man is a god. You were always super nice to me, genuinely cool dude. Loved talking to you and seeing what you were up to.

I know I forgot some people, and I’m so sorry. I’ve met a lot of people over the course of the last decade. However I still think you’re all awesome people. thanks so much for the last 10 years loved hanging out with all of you <3


I thought you were genuinely 10 years old with that post and i was gonna be like

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Congrats on 10 years! That ban was only for 5-9 hours and only applied to the discord server, everythings sorted now though.


you know, that sounds fair, I’ll hand over my rank at your earliest convenience

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Congrats on 10 years! Not sure why I’m formally known as goat lmao

Me when you log in after 3 months with a fat /bal


woo shoutout

Congrats on 10 years! :grinning:

Cheerios, I like the cereal. The admin is pretty okay as well.

Reasonable. Happy 10 years though!

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Happy 10. Time flies quick.

I’ll be hitting mine in a few months. Crazy how fast time flies