「HORIZON AWARDS XI」Voting is now Open!

Horizon Awards XI - Yakaze 2024

Although I opened the nominations yesterday in an official capacity, I did not want to put out the non-Discord Server announcement until today, when I could be sure April Fools Day was over, and people would know that it was legit.

Regardless, here are the official dates and information you will need, and the relevant links:


:shopping_cart: - Company of the Year
:moneybag: - Non-Profit of the Year
:person_pouting: - Player of the Year
:city_sunset: - City of the Year
:classical_building: - Architecture of the Year
:video_camera: - Medium of the Year
:speech_balloon: - Quote of the Year
:womans_clothes: - Skin of the Year


Nominations - 2024-03-31T23:00:00Z2024-04-20T23:00:00Z
Voting - 2024-04-30T23:00:00Z2024-05-20T23:00:00Z
Awards Ceremony - 2024-05-30T20:30:00Z

Relevant Links

Only 6 Days left to nominate yourselves!!!

Spread the link throughout your Discords! Encourage people to nominate your company (or nominate yourself :smiley:).

Let’s see if we can get 40+ Nominations this year!

When nominations close, I will be doing a full listing on the forums here of Nominations, and explain the new voting system

Nominations have now closed!

Here is the formal list of nominations:

:department_store: Company of the Year 2024

  • Aramega
  • Bear Co.
  • Blockazon
  • Blueline
  • Kitaiku
  • McBlockies
  • Teslo

:moneybag: Non-Profit of the Year 2024

  • HelloMiners Soviet Union (HMSU)
  • HelloMiners Staff Team
  • NorthEast Transportation Department (NETD)
  • Professional Ironball League (PIL)
  • Southern Union for Development (SUD)

:bust_in_silhouette: Player of the Year 2024

  • _LunaticCultis_
  • AlexIsTurnt
  • Dylad
  • MentalGamer
  • NarwhalsRcool
  • nicochulo2001
  • Thendil
  • WhosVita

:night_with_stars: City of the Year 2024

  • Alexandria
  • Ashford
  • Bayview
  • Cape Coral
  • Cardiff
  • Montego Bay
  • Valleyside
  • Valnir
  • Yakaze

:house: Architecture of the Year 2024

  • Alexandria Airport, Alexandria
  • Ashford East Shores Estates, Ashford
  • Bayview Airport, Bayview
  • Blueline, Bayview
  • Cape Coral Nether Hub, Nether
  • Flagpole, Dove Valley
  • Sycamore City Airport, Sycamore City
  • Valleyside Stadium, Valleyside
  • WhosVita’s Mansion
  • Yakaze Kokusai Airport, Yakaze
  • Yakaze State Theatre Complex, Yakaze

:newspaper_roll: Medium of the Year 2024

  • Bayview Leaked Confrontation Video
  • Casu Marsu News Corporation
  • CRAFTERS Bulk Ordering Discord Server
  • Happy New Years 2024 from HelloMiners!
  • HelloMiners Wiki Project
  • HMGuide.info
  • HMSU Pravda

:speech_balloon: Quote of the Year 2024

  • “calm your tits egg” - nightemperor
  • “Im always mewing” - CakeDevil_275
  • “Brb coffee” - nightemperor
  • “server’s already dead what is there to lose i guess” - stuffjunk
  • “Mental, Cake called you submissive and breedable” - Monrah
  • “Shocking” - _LunaticCultis_
  • “Hi ultra how are you” “Plane” - _UltraPro_
  • :skull_and_crossbones:” - MentalGamer

:person_in_tuxedo: Skin of the Year 2024

  • _LunaticCultis_
  • Ara’s Mankini
  • Cakey’s Christmas Skin
  • Endershack
  • Felipe98_
  • MentalGamer
  • MentalGamer’s Halloween Skin
  • ObamaPentagon

Voting is now Open until the 2024-05-21T17:00:00Z

Update: Fixed some missing nominations, and added the ability to edit your vote.