Horizon Awards Winter 2021 - Announcement

Winter 2021 Announcement & Update

Hey all! I’m here to reveal some information about the next Horizon Awards - and announce the new way of working it.

This year, we will be using our own website for collecting nominations and results. This is due to how Google Forms is changing. This will be part of Horizon Reviews, a website dedicated to leaving reviews of companies on HelloMiners


Opening of Website - August 2021
Nomination Begin - Early November 2021
Voting Begin - Late November 2021
Results Day - 5 December 2021 (Whilst I would normally do the first, or last, day of a month - this year it would recide on an Wednesday - and my timetable will be changing for my next college year so I do not have schedule clashes, like It did this year and for the Winter 2020 ones.)


half posted announcement lmao

Results on my birthday :birthday: nice

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Wait does this mean you’re a day older than me?

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