Horizon Awards - Register to be a Host City for Horizon Awards VII

If you wish to be a host city, your city needs to meet 3 requirements:

  1. It needs to be approved
  2. Your city needs to be accessible easily, whether it be via an nether hub or airport. No, raillines don’t count.
  3. Your city must have one of the following
    a. Stadium
    b. Theatre
    c. Open Field suitable for a stage
    d. Other event hosting facilities (attach a screenshot)

Please use the following template:

Player Name:
City Name: 
Host Area Location (location of stadium, etc.):
How to get to the city:

This will close in 2 months, giving me 1 month for a break and 1 month extra to follow this. After which, it will close, and ill spend time visiting each location to determine the best one for the event.