Horizon Awards Museum Designer - Design Competiton

Right, normally people would straight up hire random people or just do an auction. However, I’m not normal, I like to spice things up a bit.

So, here’s a competition. A museum design is required for Horizon Awards’s new Museum documenting it’s history, and showcasing previous stage designs, etc.

The price money is F16500, and the rules are outlined below:

1. The winner is decided based on a number of factors, between the mayors of Cardiff (Felipe98_ and Edgewurth).
2. Submissions must be posted to this thread, and only include screenshots. Winners, once chosen, will be allowed to submit a schematic either in litematica or schematica format. 
3. Designs must not break Cardiff city rules. These can be found at 8131, 63, 2228.
4. The building must be predominately underground, expandable underground and be able to host displays of up to 15x25. They must also comprimise the ability to display items in item frames, and builds which are considered small-scale.
5. By entering this competition, you accept that you will not be guaranteed a pay for the design, and are entering for a chance for both a design to be used, plus some cash in hand reward if you are deemed the winner.
6. Submissions are due 1 March 2023 at 6PM GMT. Any late submissions will not be accounted for.
7. Submissions should follow the template outlined below.
8. Submissions should fit in caeplot10 and caeplot12, however can utilise the greenspace between the plots for any purpose (as these plots will be merged).

Entry Template

Submission Details: